Print & Graphic Design

Printed media and offline marketing activities can range from creating eye-catching leaflets for local distribution, to placing a high end advert in a relevant glossy magazine.

How We Can Help

Engaging content and print

We can create attractive printed materials including leaflets and flyers, brochures, adverts and banners.

Multi-channel strategy

We also recommend that printed materials are used in conjunction with all digital activity - social, content, website etc.

On-brand printed materials

We will always make sure that the printed materials you need are engaging, on-brand and relevant to your audience.

Measuring success

By using printed materials in conjunction with digital activity, we can better measure and monitor the success of these offline assets.

Creating engaging printed media

Printed marketing materials typically include:

  • Leaflets and flyers
  • Brochures and product catalogues
  • Adverts in magazines and publications
  • Outdoor adverts and large format printing
  • Exhibition equipment including banners and stands
  • Retail point of sale

The value of printed media

Printed media can still be a very effective way of generating leads and raising awareness of your brand. As far as any marketing strategy goes we usually recommend a multi-channel strategy which almost always includes a blend of online and offline activity - the two different types of marketing complement one another and both have their merits.

One of the benefits of offline printed media is the cost. Costs can be easily monitored and managed, and in some cases, such as roller banners or brochures, you will have marketing material that can be used over and over again to encourage leads and sales.

Using printed media can have a measurable impact when managed correctly, e.g. giving promotional codes for customers to use online, vouchers to bring in-store, tracking telephone calls and URLs; these are are all strategies that can be used to allow for the accurate monitoring of offline marketing campaigns.

How we can help

We will work with you to identify potential opportunities to reach customers through printed media, and then create a high quality creative concept based on your brand guidelines.

As part of our unique growth approach, we start with research and exploration to discover your unique brand story and values so that we can identify your ideal customers. Once we know more about your brand and your ideal customers we can then start to identify any potential offline opportunities and craft a strategy. For any ongoing marketing activities we jointly agree a range of metrics to measure performance against. This enables us to effectively review the impact of the activity in your monthly report.

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