Magento to Shopify Plus Migration

Migrating your Magento store can be a complex task. We can help you with an effective migration from Magento to Shopify Plus - using our proven approach & overseen by replatforming experts.

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Experts in Magento to Shopify Plus Migration

We are a Shopify Plus Partner agency with years of experience in managing Magento replatforming projects.

Whether it's mapping your business' requirements to Shopify Plus, integrating your existing systems or developing a bespoke store design optimised for conversions, we'll use our migration experience and deep understanding of Shopify to help your project run smoothly.

Our process covers:

  • Pre-migration: Mapping out your needs and understanding your site
  • Migration: Transitioning from Magento to Shopify Plus
  • Post-migration: Reviewing your site and testing thoroughly

Migrating to Shopify Plus will give you a platform that’s flexible, stable and secure. One that’s not prone to the security issues many Magento merchants face, and one on which you’ll have less technical overhead and the flexibility to easily manage and maintain your store.

We Can Assist You With

  • Scoping out your migration project.
  • Mapping your requirements to Shopify.
  • Shopify and Shopify Plus design and development.
  • Integrating your 3rd party systems.
  • Selecting the right Shopify apps.
  • Magento to Shopify data migration.

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