Free 30-Minute Webinar: How B2B Buying Behaviour Is Changing

The B2B buying world is changing.

Three out of four of your customers will go online before contacting you. They are visiting the biggest marketplace we know – the Internet – and you need to make sure the the online equivalent of your business has its lights on, and the doors are open.


If you don’t act, you will lose out.

According to new research from Forrester, B2B buyers will carry out 74% of the research themselves before making an enquiry - a huge change in the process compared to ten (or even five) years ago.

Clients used to come to you because they had a problem, usually asking you to provide them with an answer. This is now no longer the case.

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  • Simple, easy steps to ensure you adapt to meet the demands of your customers
  • How to grow your B2B business for the longer term and secure a competitive advantage

The webinar will be held on Friday 7th October at 2pm.

Come along to our webinar to understand how the process has changed and how you can win more business.

What role do you need to play in the research process?

Buyers expect to have most of the information and facts before they make contact with you. The 'old school' way of going to potential clients and selling your product directly doesn’t work any more.


More B2B buyers are younger. Online content plays a bigger part in the research process. Your role now is to provide them with the answers to their questions beforehand: you are building a relationship even before you speak to them.

Because clients are more self-reliant, they also consider a smaller number of choices. You need to make sure you’re one of their options. You do this by giving them the specific answers to their specific needs.

Who is making that purchase decision?

It may be that the decision maker will ask middle managers to do the initial research – as they may have more hands-on knowledge of what’s needed for the company.

So you also need to be reaching out and speaking to directors, managers, marketers, IT teams and office teams as it’s likely that they could all be helping that final decision maker choose if they even consider you.

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