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Today's eCommerce landscape is more dynamic and competitive than ever. More and more brands are switching to hosted eCommerce solutions like Shopify Plus and benefiting from reduced costs, higher conversion rates and faster rates of innovation.


As online retail sales continue to grow, so does the level of competition and complexity in the marketplace. Continuous merchant innovation is vital to keep moving forward and expand market share. The brands that will win in tomorrow’s eCommerce landscape are the ones that respond quickly and deliver a superior customer experience across all touchpoints.

As an eCommerce business scales there are naturally benefits in terms of greater revenue generation, but new challenges and costs emerge around developing new platform features, maintaining a high degree of security and ensuring you have world-class hosting to keep downtime at bay.

Traditionally, solutions like Magento Enterprise have provided the answers. Whilst Magento still has a major place in market, smart brands are increasingly considering hosted solutions, such as Shopify Plus, which provide a wide range of benefits that allow brands to focus more on investing in customer acquisition and retention whilst outsourcing some of the expensive burdens like feature development, enterprise-grade hosting and complex PCI DSS compliance.

Challenges of using traditional eCommerce platforms

  • Your on-premise platform crashes during high volume periods and you're losing sales
  • The cost of IT maintenance and PCI DSS compliance is becoming increasingly expensive
  • You’re paying high amounts in transaction fees
  • You need multiple store fronts
  • You need ERP or other legacy system integrations.
  • You require developers for basic changes to your website
Key Benefits

Powerbulbs, an enterprise-level eCommerce retailer selling car bulbs

There is a better way

Shopify Plus offers a fully hosted solution on a continually updated platform which offers innovative features such as Apple Pay out of the box.

It’s user interface is fast and simple to use, ensuring marketing teams are empowered to quickly action campaigns and initiatives themselves, without the need to wait for days or weeks for I.T. teams to respond to change requests.

Moreover, deployment times for our hosted solution enterprise projects like Shopify Plus are based on weeks, rather than months.

Unlimited world-class hosting (99.99% server uptime, up to 8,000 orders per minute per store, 7,000+ cores, and a fully-integrated Fastly CDN) and Level 1 PCI DSS compliance is all included for a set monthly subscription, providing reassuring levels of industry-leading resilience at a much more cost effective rate than other traditional solutions like Magento Enterprise.

Furthermore, unlike other enterprise level platforms, Shopify Plus has no transaction fees whatsoever, so profitability is also maximised.

Key benefits of Shopify Plus

  • No hosting & security worries
    Enterprise grade hosting & Level 1 PCI DSS compliance
  • Faster deployment
    Be online in weeks, not months
  • No transaction fees
    Benefit from reduced costs and increase margins
  • Highly flexible and customisable
    Advanced API & multi-store options
  • Constant innovation
    Regular updates at no extra cost
How We Can Help

Goodwin Smith, an eCommerce retailer selling premium mens shoes

How We Can Help

As an experienced eCommerce agency with Shopify Expert status, we can provide you with the full range of services that you need to switch to a better platform with faster deployment times, greater flexibility and reduced cost.

From strategy and user experience to store development and ongoing optimisation, we’re committed to working closely with you to support your goals for the future and to help you move to the next level in your business success.

Our eCommerce expertise

  • Insights & discovery
  • User experience & interface design
  • Front end development
  • eCommerce platform
  • System integrations
  • EPOS point of sale integration
  • User testing
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Conversion rate optimisation

Projects start from £15,000

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