Jane knew she enjoyed IT even back at high school, but she didn’t know exactly which career path to go down. Fast forward to today and she’s cemented herself as an invaluable member of Statement as a UX analyst.

In this interview, Jane shares her experiences of getting into tech, why she thinks it’s known as a male-dominated career and how others can get started too.

how did you get into a career in tech?

I enjoyed IT a lot in high school; it was probably my favourite subject. I did it at GCSE and A-Level, so I decided to do it at university as well, however I didn’t know exactly which career path I wanted to go down. It wasn’t until one of the final modules I did for my degree, which was UX design, that I thought ‘this is my calling’.

After university, I began applying to agencies and I since found this role at Statement. Everyone is really supportive here, and people are really keen to learn about UX. Quite a lot of the work I do is with women, which I like because the last agency I worked for was mostly men, so it has a nicer balance.

why do you think tech has a reputation of being a male-dominated career path?

I don’t really understand why it is that females don't want to get into tech as much as men. I don't know if they just don't see a lot of other females doing it, so there's no influence. I went to an all-girls high school, so we were pushed to go in any direction we wanted. Hopefully with more women coming into these roles at a lower level, girls will see this and be inspired to try it.

has there been a highlight of your career so far?

There have been a few instances where I have introduced something new to the team, given my opinion on something or a solution and they’ve actually taken it on board. I think that was a highlight for me because it validated what I could do and made me believe that I had been hired for a reason – this has to be a highlight for me.

what advice would you give to women looking to get started with a career in tech?

Doing your research is a big part of it. In my mind, I never believed the roles I applied to were in reach for me, but I applied anyway and got it.

You have to have confidence in yourself and just think if you don't try it, then the answer is always going to be no. You might as well just go for it if it's something that you're interested in doing, because you might just succeed.

has statement helped you progress and develop in your role?

My last role involved just learning the ropes, whereas in Statement, I've been able to expand on that knowledge and try different ways of doing things. I feel confident in my abilities and with everyone’s continued support, I don’t feel nervous when talking with clients because I know what I’m talking about. So, it's definitely how supportive they are.

Rebecca Holmes, who’s another UX analyst at Statement, has been really good at teaching me to say no to things that I don't want to do, or if I've been asked to do something when I haven’t got the expertise to do yet. She’s really taught me to just be confident in speaking up for myself.

Are you considering a career in tech but wondering how to get started? You’re not alone. We’re proud of our workforce and are consistently on the lookout for new talent to add to our team. Take a look at the current roles we have available and let’s help match you up with the career you’ve always wanted.

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