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The way your customers are buying is changing. With our Active Websites solution, we can help you to grow your sales pipeline and win more business.

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Research by Forrester has shown that 74% of the B2B business process is now done independently by a prospective customer online. Just as you use or Skyscanner to research hotels and flights, business buyers now research online first to help them find the solutions to their business challenges.

So before they’ll even think to get in contact with your company, they’re already building a mini business case to work out what they’re looking for and who could help them. In this new buying reality, you need to be found in order to be on the shortlist of possible solutions.

The traditional sales methods aren’t working like they used to

99% of business websites are passive. They’re filled with information, but based on the hope that customers, at some point, will fill in a contact form or pick up the phone. Yet in reality only about 1% of people ever do. What happens to the other 99% of visitors?

And traditional sales/business development is all about getting leads into the pipeline and then randomly following them up with calls and emails. It can take hours, be rather soul destroying and is all based on the hope that you’ll stumble across one prospect who may actually need what you offer at that time. There’s no science, it’s all based on chance.

Key Stats

  • 89% of customers search online before making a decision
  • 74% of the buying process is conducted before a buyer contacts a prospective supplier
  • 70% of business executives use smartphones and tablets to research product and service information
  • B2B buyers are getting younger and searching for longer before they make a decision
  • According to Forrester, we’re now in ‘The Age of the Shopper’
Our Solution

Introducing Active Websites

At Statement, we’ve always developed market-leading websites that look and work great. And we’ve also always worked on effective digital marketing campaigns that drive high quality traffic. But thanks to our investment in new technology, we’re able to provide even more for our clients.

Our Active Websites solution offers a great website, high quality digital marketing and vital intelligence on not just how many people are visiting your website, but who they are and when they’re most likely to be ready to buy. It empowers you with sales and marketing insights to help you win more new business.

What We Can Do

  • Capture data about leads
  • Nurtures leads through the sales process
  • Share data with your sales team
  • Personalise messages to prospects
  • Offer managed digital marketing services
The results

The result: more business

Every month you have visitors to your website, but who are they? And who are the ones who may be your future customers?

Unlike a normal website, an Active Website offers you valuable intelligence that could help you and your sales team divert your most expensive and finite resource - your time - to the prospects who are actually more likely to buy, improving not only your sales figures but your efficiency, morale and service. It takes the chance out of the process and replaces it with insight.

What’s more, this innovative, smart and personalised approach to digital marketing isn’t on the radar of your competitors. This provides you with the opportunity to take the upper hand and move ahead.

Why not check out some of our case studies to see how we’ve helped our clients to increase their new business opportunities? Or, if you’re ready to find out more, please get in touch to discuss how we can help your business grow.

What We Offer

  • Service-led approach
  • Monthly reporting
  • Regular analysis and updates
  • Quarterly reviews
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