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Consistent communication is at the heart of good branding. At every touchpoint, your customers need to understand exactly who you are as a business, from the products you sell to the values you stand for.

Consistency is Key

Consistent communication is at the heart of good branding. At every touchpoint, your customers need to understand exactly who you are as a business, from the products you sell to the values you stand for. According to a report called The Impact of Brand Consistency by LucidPress, brands that are presented consistently are three to four times more likely to experience brand visibility. Not only that, there is a 23% average revenue increase attributed to always presenting a brand in a consistent manner.

This consistency extends to every point of communication, from printed materials like brochures and flyers to digital communications such as social media posts and of course, loyalty programs. Ensuring your loyalty program is branded alongside the rest of your communications is essential to delivering a trustworthy and integrated experience for your customers.

Tell your Unique Story

Setting yourself apart in a busy online world is increasingly difficult as opportunities to educate customers about your brand are scarce – people are searching for products, not stories and are more and more immune to digital advertising.

It’s therefore super important to utilise your loyalty program as a way of communicating your brand story and the values you share with your customers. According to Harvard Business Review, 64% of customers cite that the primary reason they have a relationship with a brand is because of shared values. From welcome emails that make customers feel like part of your community to the rewards you offer, it’s important to take time to forge an emotional connection.

For example, ethical beauty brand 100% Pure uses its loyalty program welcome emails to educate customers about what makes them stand out from the crowd. By explaining that its products are natural and cruelty-free, the company hooks in customers who highly rate these values when it comes to purchasing decisions. Taking the time to show customers that you share the same values as them is an important way of securing further purchases.

The Power of Visual Communication

Ensure your loyalty program complies with your visual brand guidelines. According to one study, colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%. Therefore, try picking consistent colours and fonts and make sure the imagery is sharp and shot to match your brand tones. This goes a long way towards establishing a clear identity and makes your loyalty program easily recognisable. It also ensures that customers will have a seamless user experience from your website and promotional materials to your loyalty platform.

Jewellery brand Astrid & Miyu’s integrated loyalty page clearly reflects its branding – harnessing similar colour palettes, copy and photography to its website and other digital communications.

Similarly, wellness website,Dr. Axe, has customised its iconography so that brand colours are consistent and the style of icon matches the website.

Create an Elevated Identity for your Loyalty Program

It is important to give your loyalty program an individual identity to excite and engage customers. Not only should the loyalty program look and feel like the rest of your brand, but you should make it a place customers want to look around and revisit time and time again.

Start by naming the program something that resonates with your business name. As it’s the first thing that customers encounter when they engage with you, it’s important to make it recognisable and attractive. For instance, Ren Clean Skincare named their program “Clean Collective Rewards” and their rewards points “Clean credits”. This reinforces the overall brand purpose, which is to provide chemical-free products. It also creates an easily recognisable, memorable and responsive way of interacting with the platform.

Think about building an integrated, on-brand loyalty page that gives customers a specific destination to engage with your loyalty offering. For instance, the branding on the loyalty landing page for tea company Harney and Sons is consistent with the business’ website and logo. This provides a seamless user experience while also maintaining a separate destination to which loyalty program members can be directed.

By telling your unique brand story, keeping a consistent look and feel and providing an elevated experience for loyal members, you’ll succeed in creating a memorable, effective and engaging program that will keep your customers coming back time and time again.

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