shopify markets and your ecommerce store.

by Amba Wilkes

Shopify Markets is now out of beta and readily available to those who want to use it. In this blog, we take a look at how Shopify Markets can support your growth ambitions.

You may have seen ourblog post last year that shared information into the anticipated release of Shopify Markets.As of last month, Shopify Markets is now out of beta and readily available to those who want to use it.

Let’s take a look at what Shopify Markets can do and how it can support your growth ambitions.

shopify markets: a recap.

Before Markets entered the Shopify scene, merchants had to set up multiple online stores to cater for individual regions. But it has become all the more important for businesses to have the tools at their fingertips that will allow them to tap into opportunities eCommerce offers.

Designed to make this easy for merchants, Shopify Markets lets you sell to anyone online from one single store. Streamlining global expansion, Shopify Markets will make your eCommerce operations seamless including pricing, currencies and calculating duties all in one admin console.

what can you benefit from with shopify markets?

If you want to make shopping experiences easier and more familiar, no matter where your customers are browsing from, you need certain tools and functionalities that Shopify Markets offers:

  • currencies: Your storefront will be converted to local currencies for international customers. 
  • languages: The language of your store will be translated to the local language of the customers as they browse and shop.
  • domains: Have the freedom to create international domains optimised for search results to drive more relevant traffic to your store.
  • duties: Collect duties and import taxes at checkout so your global customers know exactly what they’re paying for.
  • payments: Provide local payment methods to increase trust and conversions with your international shoppers.
  • custom markets: Define relevant market areas and create a single country market or group multiple countries together.
  • market optimisation: Optimise on a global scale with personalised recommendations designed with specific markets in mind.

coming soon to shopify markets.

And it doesn’t stop there…

The platform has already released information on three new areas that will be coming soon to Shopify Markets:

  • storefront content by market: Customise the content on your storefront to connect with customers in a relevant way for shoppers in different markets. 
  • product catalogues by market: Customise your product offering for each market to provide a more engaging and relevant experience. 
  • global inventory locations: Show accurate inventory to international customers based on stock at local/preferred fulfilment locations.

taking your business global with shopify markets.

If expanding is on the cards for your eCommerce business, Shopify Markets is designed to support you in creating a relevant, seamless and engaging shopping experience for your customers – wherever they are. Use it to grow your markets, boost sales, scale faster and connect with your audience.

Want to find out more about Shopify Markets or if it’s a suitable option for your ambitions? We’ve worked with the likes of Hotel Chocolat and Lights4fun to grow their global presence and can do the same for you. Get in touch to talk more.

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