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Our services are designed to add value and drive results beyond your website’s launch. Take a read to find out how our proactive approach to support drives ongoing success.

We’re here to help you succeed. The reason we exist as an agency is because as a team within an eCommerce business, we struggled to find an agency partner who was truly proactive. So, we became that partner for others ourselves.

It is these roots that guide how we operate and the services that we offer. To us, the launch of your website is just the beginning. We strive to keep adding value and driving results for your business as part of an ongoing partnership.

Driven by you and your goals.

Your business, customers and goals should be at the centre of everything your web agency does. Our aim is to ensure a flexible service that always adds value, no matter what we’re working on.

These services are primarily built around design, development, project management and UX analysis. However, we also offer a range of additional services including full UX audits, competitor reviews, remote user testing and customer insight reports.

With our support services at your fingertips, you can choose what best meets your needs when the time is right for you.

Website health check.

Your business doesn’t stop when your website is launched, and neither should your investment.

An eCommerce store has many different elements that need to be maintained including coding, integrations, site speed, general performance, content and SEO. Without continuous maintenance, your site can quickly become outdated and no longer perform at its best.

Whether your website is only a few months old or a few years old, a regular website health check provides insight into potential problems that otherwise could easily be overlooked. Supporting brands even if we haven’t developed their Shopify site, one of the first technical tasks we carry out is a website health check.

The insight from this analysis can then be fed into a retainer plan that will keep your customer’s experience a positive one each and every time. So, what’s the value?

  • Save money: Taking this ongoing improvement approach can extend the lifespan of your eCommerce store. With regular, dedicated time spent improving your site, issues will be recognised and resolved faster. It will also help to prevent a site rebuild for as long as possible.
  • Top performance: A website health check is an effective way of ensuring your site is always performing at its best. This is where working with an agency is really beneficial. A technical team who understands exactly how your site functions will be able to spot any performance problems before they become an issue.
  • A better shopping experience: You want to offer your shoppers a seamless, engaging and enjoyable route to conversion, right? A website heath check can help you do just this. Looking beyond the technical, this service can also spot where there could be user experience flaws to improve.

Looking at each and every element of your website, you can expect a website health check to involve:

  • Site audit and code review: This process will enable us to fully understand how your site currently functions, ensuring it’s aligned with best practice and seeing where it could be improved. This will also help uncover any site performance issues and future development opportunities.
  • Site performance: Poor site performance could result in reduced engagement. Issues with site performance could include accessibility troubles, page speed, unresponsive buttons, broken links, rendering problems, small text or inaccessible content. Assessing your site’s performance ensures your users can easily engage with you online.
  • Site responsiveness: Every device your website is viewed on can display differently. Considering site responsiveness across the most common devices used to access your site alongside UX requirements, we can ensure your site always displays how it should for your users.
  • Google Analytics account audit: Google Analytics provides valuable insight into how your site is being interacted with. Within this audit, we look at issues within your account setup, how these issues can be resolved and misattribution of traffic, goals, conversions and revenue.
  • Content and SEO audit: Content can quickly become outdated. Conducting a content audit can uncover what products or services your audience is really interested in before feeding this insight into your content strategy. This audit also looks at high bounce rates, where pages require improvement, where links are outdated and what content gaps you have.
  • UX audit: A UX audit analyses the current state of your site, identifying why conversions may be low, how site usability could be improved and any other performance issues that could be hindering the online experience.

Once we’ve analysed these different areas, we’ll create a document detailing our findings which we share with you to discuss any quick wins, outcomes and recommendations.

As part of this process, we’ll also onboard you onto our internal framework and development processes. These are designed to allow us to work on your site more efficiently and facilitate important factors such as version control.

UX-led improvements.

We work collaboratively with you to establish monthly objectives and areas of focus before analysing your website in line with these. Using workshops, focus groups and analytics to collect data on user experience, we analyse user behaviour to continue informing the IA, UX and website design. Translating this customer research and analysis into recommendations, we implement effective solutions such as Shopify Flow automation, design or functionality improvements, content placement, USP promotion, navigation and signposting.

These UX-led improvements are carried out through:

  • UX audits: A detailed, 40+ page UX report is drawn from an in-depth analysis, heatmap data and user testing. This report produces an extensive list of site recommendations for implementation or testing.
  • Remote user testing: Standalone user testing asks questions around brand look and feel, navigation and purchase journey to ensure your shopping experience is the best it can be.
  • Onsite surveys: Placing a survey onsite, we can ask relevant and specific questions to gather user feedback from willing participants.
  • Competitor review: The aim of a competitor review is to compare the value proposition of your brand against other retailers and indirect competitors selling a similar product to the same target market. This report is used to benchmark your brand and provide inspiration for improvements.
  • Business growth recommendations: Looking at growth strategies and considering what we know works, our team bring fresh ideas to the table to help you grow. These may include a third-party solution, pre-order functionality, internationalisation, product expansion, subscription services, seasonal optimisation such as gifting and wholesale.
  • Strategy days: Bringing together your in-house team with your dedicated agency team, we develop a strategy for success.

Our in-house UX strategist team are ex-retailers. Having worked for leading brands such as John Lewis, Selfridges and La Redoute, they bring a wealth of commercial insight to any project they work on. Taking learnings from your customer behaviour and combining this with trends and best practice, they’ll feed in value-adding UX recommendations on an ongoing basis.

A team dedicated to your success.

Always striving to add value to your business, we ensure we’re aligned to your wider objectives. The best way to do this is by getting under the skin of your brand from day one with your very own team.

Adding value beyond our technical expertise, an account manager, project manager, eCommerce analyst and technical lead provides a complete balance of technical, commercial and project management expertise.

Each team member has a dedicated and core purpose to your project:

  • Account manager: To align with your commercial goal
  • Project manager: To deliver work on time and in line with your priorities
  • eCommerce analyst: To bring insights and optimisation suggestions to you
  • Technical lead: To ensure all work scoped is optimised for your tech stack

As a team, they will continuously work to understand:

  • Your technology and any site challenges to date
  • Your industry alongside aspirational brands and competitors
  • Your target market including key users and how they find you
  • Commercial, technical and usability objectives
  • Success metrics and future goals

Essential support services by Statement.

Our team of Shopify experts will provide insight and recommendations to maximise success and minimise technical risks from day one.

Working with our project and account management teams, they will scope your requirements. Once approved by you, these recommendations will then be delivered by our team of design specialists and expert developers. Conducting a monthly Google Analytics report and preparing UX driven optimisations, we’re always proactive and make suggestions that add real value to your business.

We believe in offering a truly proactive service – both during and after your website build. You can rely on us as we build a strong working partnership that will help you navigate the often-challenging eCommerce landscape. With the desire, processes and people in place, we can offer a proactive solution that will positively shape your future eCommerce plans.

We’ve had great success with our ongoing partnership approach and have helped many clients including NEOM and Taylors of Harrogate grow and realise their potential. If you want more information on how our support services could help you get more from your eCommerce investment, please get in touch with our team.

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