by Fatema Mulla

Black Friday Cyber Monday Weekend is by far the busiest retail period of the year. From creating your marketing campaigns to ensuring your website is ready for surges in traffic, there’s certainly plenty to take care of ahead of BFCM.

Black Friday Cyber Monday Weekend is by far the busiest retail period of the year. From creating your marketing campaigns to ensuring your website is ready for surges in traffic, there’s certainly plenty to take care of ahead of BFCM.

Shopify Plus users however, can leverage the power of the platforms powerful tools including Flow, Launchpad and Scripts to automate tasks and free up their time to increase efficiency and productivity during BFCM.

With over $1 billion sold by Shopify merchants last year during the Black Friday weekend, BFCM is an incredible opportunity for eCommerce merchants to boost sales and increase overall revenue. Here’s how Shopify Plus can automate your Black Friday Launch and allow you to have a highly successful BFCM weekend.

Manage Inventory with Flow

Shopify Flow allows users to improve their inventory management processes. This is highly essential when it comes to the BFCM weekend, as you’ll be moving through stock faster than ever.

Keeping on top of stock levels is made easier with Flow, so you won’t have to worry about running out of stock during such a crucial time.

Set up workflows so that you can automatically initiate product reorders when you notice your stock has fallen below a certain level, ensuring your stock is kept up to date.

Automate Repetitive and Manual Tasks with Flow

It’s natural that tasks pile up during busy times. Luckily, Shopify Flow allows you to easily set workflows for the manual, repetitive tasks - such as adding tags to newly added products - so that you may free up your time.

Automating those manual tasks and allowing Flow to simplify time consuming processes will then enable you to increase your operational efficiency and productivity during hectic periods. With Flow, you can offload repetitive tasks and instead focus on optimising campaigns and customer service to increase sales.

Automate Pricing Updates with Flow

During periods like BFCM where most - if not all of your products have different prices, and will need changing and updating frequently. This process typically takes up a lot of time, especially if you have a large inventory and need to update pricing on a large number of products.

However, using Flow will help you to simplify this. Create simple workflows that will automatically update or adjust prices on products when needed.

You can also go a step further with Flow, and set up different workflows that will change prices for your loyal customers who may receive exclusive discounts.

Automate Design Changes with Launchpad

Launchpad allows you to pre schedule any changes to the design and theme of your eCommerce store so that you don’t have to spend precious time during BFCM weekend manually doing this. You can work on theme updates ahead of time and make changes to onsite messaging, banners designs etc, and then use Launchpad to schedule these so that you can automatically switch over to the new theme design when your BFCM promotions go live.

Highlight your BFCM offers and sales with updated designs on site to reflect the sales period easily using Launchpad. You can also set it so that it reverts back to the original design once the Black Friday period is over.

Pre-Schedule Sales and Campaigns Launches with Launchpad

Use Launchpad to pre-schedule any of your flash sales and campaigns ahead of launch. You can easily select products to publish for your sale, set collection discounts to take effect when sales starts, and schedule promotions to publish across multiple sales channels.

This reduces time spent on manually implementing campaign and sales launches, allowing you to focus on other aspects such as customer service and experience. Launchpad takes care of all the manual sales tasks for you.

Update Shipping Logistics with Flow

If you’re offering free or reduced shipping during your sales period for BFCM, you can use Flow to update and manage this.

Flow will allow you to set up a workflow that notifies your logistics team to speed up delivery and shipping based on tags on specific orders.

For example, you could two use Flow to update orders with tags - the first is to be delivered next day, whilst the second is to be delivered two days later. Flow allows merchants to set up workflow triggers to accommodate this.

Manage Customer Segmentation with Flow

Major sales events such as BFCM means there’ll be an influx of both new and old customers to your site. Use Flow to easily tag your customers based on specific yet varied factors, such as their purchasing behaviour, lifetime spend, marketing preferences and more.

This will allow you to then work on segmentation and personalisation strategies, helping you to market better to your customers based on how you have tagged them using Flow.

Easily Reward Customers with Flow, Launchpad & Scripts

Shopify Flow will allow you to easily reward your customers, especially if you have tagged them using Flow’s tagging features.

Once you have workflows in place to tag customers based on specific actions, you can then determine which of them you want to reward. Flow will then allow you to create workflows that will automatically notify members in your sales and marketing team, encouraging them to follow up with thank you gifts, rewards, exclusive offers etc.

Launchpad also integrates with Scripts to allow you to automatically offer free gifts with purchases, or offer free shipping when an order goes above a certain price. This makes it easier to reward your loyal shoppers during BFCM.

Monitor in Real Time to Optimise with Launchpad

Launchpad allows users to monitor sales and campaign performances in real time. With a live dashboard displaying your top selling products, acquisition channels, visitor and transaction numbers and conversion rate minute by minute, Launchpad allows you to easily analyse customer behaviour and performance.

The live dashboard also allows you to quickly identify any drops in sales or conversion rate, so that you can then optimise and change any aspect of your campaign to fix this.

Maximise Sales this BFCM Weekend with Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus’ powerful tools will help you to ensure your BFCM campaign and sales launches are as successful as possible. Setting up workflow triggers, automating processes, monitoring in real time etc will simplify your workload, allow you to work more efficiently, and also boost your store’s revenue.

If you want to find out more about how Shopify Plus features can benefit your store during BFCM, just get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to help.

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