by Amba Wilkes

Sophia was quick to spot a gap in our proactive support services. Putting her 15 years of retail and Shopify experience to use, she was the ideal candidate to become our Client Success Manager. Take a read of our interview to find out how she adds even more value to our projects.

Our aim is to provide a flexible service that always adds value. To get even more from your Shopify site, apps and add-ons are the perfect addition, improving the user experience and helping you make the most of your investment.

However, when Sophia West joined us last year, she was quick to spot a gap in our proactive support services. With over 15 years of retail experience - most of which was running her own companies and three of those being successful eCommerce businesses on Shopify, she was the ideal candidate to become our very first Client Success Manager.

We talked with her to find out more about her role and how it brings even more value to the projects we deliver.

tell us more about you and why this role was created.

I originally came from another agency in November 2021. When I joined Statement, I loved the concept of the agency and how they service their clients.

But I soon found there wasn't a specific role that focused on supporting clients with Shopify Plus' third-party apps and add-ons. Instead, we were recommending apps to clients based on our knowledge, but our support wouldn’t go any further than this. I saw an opportunity for us to become more proactive rather than reactive and add even more value to the brands we work with.

So, I spoke to Client Services Director, Claire, and shared my thoughts that someone should be focusing on this area within the agency. She encouraged me to give it a go and here we are. I've always been a proactive person with an entrepreneurial mind, and my passion is scoping out new opportunities for businesses, so it fits my skillset well. To be able to go into a client’s website with a fresh pair of eyes and recommend exactly what they need to do to improve the online experience is my ideal role.

I can think about things commercially as well as from a development angle so it means I can be unbiased. In a way it’s the work that sits outside of design and development but doesn’t sit with an account manager either - that’s where I can help! Plus, it's becoming increasingly obvious that businesses don't always have the internal capacity to facilitate these changes so if we can fill that gap and support the business, then that's great. It’s about finding the right solutions for the client and ensuring they’re happy.

what exactly do you do in your role?

My job is to facilitate and almost be an extension of their internal team so they can feel comfortable coming to me and asking for advice on a specific area. At the minute, I branch across all areas of the agency. With my background and experience, I can help with development, I can help the UX team, I can help the account managers and I can work directly with the clients too.

A client might have chosen an app or been recommended one, but the communication typically stops there. This is where our offering differs as I can then work with them to understand exactly what they want to achieve from the app, how to get the most out of their investment and how to help them reach their goal.

A good example is of a business that’s going live with a new build this week and we’ve suggested Klaviyo to support their email channels. I’ll be getting this live onsite for them, teaching them how to use it and I’ve also suggested looking at a template for the email that the design team can create so they’re prepared when the site is launched.

how does your role provide value to clients?

I can provide value based on what the client is needing. For example, I’ve done training sessions with internal team members on how to use the Shopify front end or a new app which have proven really useful. I can recommend solutions that I know have worked for similar challenges in the past. I can provide tailored advice based on what the client needs to help them really make the most of their Shopify store. And if I don't have the experience to support them with what they need, I can lean on the other teams across the agency such as UX and development to create the ideal solution.

I think at first, it took time for clients to understand exactly what my role is and how it can benefit them. I suppose it's sometimes having that person working with you who can think outside the box because when you're sat looking at your website all day long, it can be hard to see where improvements can be made. Plus, many businesses simply lack the time to continuously improve their online stores. But after working with me, they soon realise that I’m the person who can do this for them.

how does your role fit in with the wider agency?

Statement wants to offer value to the businesses they work with and fresh ideas of how they can grow. We don’t just want to complete a website project, put a client on a retainer plan and work through tickets.

We want to work with the businesses to help them grow, help them get more from their investment, create something new and different rather than just being an eCommerce agency who sits on the side lines offering support every so often. We want to add value through continuous, proactive support and guidance.


Our mission is simple; we want to help you get the most from your Shopify store. As a dedicated Shopify Plus agency, we continue to provide proactive support that will develop your brand. To find out more about the way we work, take a look at our website and the projects we have worked on

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