by Fatema Mulla

High growth leisure brands, whether you’re in the health and fitness sectors or the travel and hospitality sectors, share similarities and necessities when it comes to their eCommerce platform.

High growth leisure brands, whether you’re in the health and fitness sectors or the travel and hospitality sectors, share similarities and necessities when it comes to their eCommerce platform.

Those brands on the Shopify Plus platform will be aware of one of its many powerful, popular tools, Launchpad; an automation tool that allows eCommerce merchants to easily automate and schedule tasks ahead of any sales campaign or event.

Leisure brands can certainly benefit from Launchpad, allowing them to launch campaigns, product releases and more, as quickly and easily as possible without having to spend time on mundane admin tasks.

In essence, Launchpad is an automation tool that allows users to automate and schedule manual tasks that would ordinarily take up time and effort. This allows users to focus their time on more important tasks, whilst remaining confident that their campaigns are running smoothly.

Here are just some of the benefits of Shopify Plus’ Launchpad, and why they are of benefit to leisure brands...

1. Automate Campaigns & Sales

Launchpad enables you to fully prepare for any event and have it all scheduled and ready to go ahead of its launch date, from product releases to design updates. This ensures the days leading up to the launch and the day of the event itself run smoothly and are stress free for all.

With all manual tasks scheduled prior to the event, such as uploads of products, uploads of banners and designs, hitting the ‘publish’ button at midnight etc., leisure brand owners now have additional time to work on marketing etc. and put more effort into pre campaign activities.

Leisure brands may differ immensely when it comes to the nature of projects and campaigns they may have and the products they offer, but they often share many key retail milestones in their respective sectors - a gym chain or gym apparel store would likely want to launch a flash sale in January but your team may be on annual leave in the first week, and so scheduling this in advance is key.

2. Automatic Site Updates

No more worrying about design updates and whether your theme is up and running. With Launchpad, you can set up tasks to allow automatic design updates for your site, setting start and end dates for each update so that you don’t have to do this manually.

Themes can be tricky to work with, especially when you have the stress of a campaign launch already on your hands. Launchpad simplifies this for you, and allows you to schedule theme and design updates in advance.

Leisure brands can take advantage of this to ensure their site stays up to date, for example, if you are a gym chain you could use Launchpad to automatically update the times of your fitness sessions, classes etc across all their gyms.

Similarly, those in hospitality and travel sectors will need to keep on top of all the different travel and tour dates etc. that they will need to update, and Launchpad gives them the ability to automatically update these ahead of time.

3. Monitor in Real Time to Optimise

Launchpad comes complete with a dashboard that allows you to monitor the success of your campaigns as they happen, enabling you to better understand how each campaign and event is performing.

This gives users the chance to identify areas of strength, what aspect of the campaign is performing well and what isn’t, so that they are able to optimise future campaigns based on this insight.

For any brand, being able to monitor campaigns in real time will, most importantly, help you to understand customer behaviour and also analyse what campaigns and launches are doing well and which aren’t. This is a huge benefit for hospitality brands specifically, as they rely heavily on customer feedback from customers. Launchpad’s real time performance analysis will help them to better understand their customers and influence optimisation strategies for future campaigns.

4. Plan and Organise Campaigns

Launchpad gives merchants the ability to plan and organise their campaigns efficiently.

By pre-scheduling tasks and campaign elements ahead of launch, it can allow you to better organise processes and free up your time so that you can focus on other tasks, helping you to become more organised.

Launchpad’s ability to allow you to monitor in real time will also help leisure brands to better plan for their next campaigns, as they will have gained more insight into how their customers typically behave.

Launchpad gives leisure brands the opportunity to work more efficiently, and frees up time they would normally spend on manual tasks, giving them more time to focus on customer relationships etc.

Leverage Launchpad for Leisure

Launchpad has many advantages and can be highly beneficial for leisure brands in many ways, and is the ideal solution for running campaigns and events smoothly and seamlessly.

If you want to find out more about Shopify Plus’s tools and features and how they can benefit your leisure store, just get in touch with our team.

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