Friday 14th December 2018

5 Reasons Why Shopify Plus Is Perfect for Large Inventories

Fatema Mulla

Shopify Plus comes with a large number of added benefits, capabilities and opportunities for merchants when compared to core Shopify, and for high growth stores with large inventories, it can be the perfect option to help them manage their store more effectively.

With Shopify Plus’ high level features and functionalities, inventory management is made simpler and easier. From multi location inventory to higher API limits, here are just a few reasons why Shopify Plus is the perfect platform for stores with high inventory levels.

Multi location inventory

Earlier this year during Shopify Unite, it was announced that Shopify Plus merchants would now be able to add up to 20 different locations for inventory. Merchants are even able to go further if needed with the help of their dedicated merchant success manager.

Multi location inventory gives brands with high inventory the ability and functionality to manage their stock from a variety of different locations if one isn’t enough, giving them more freedom and opportunity.

Inventory management apps and integrations

There are a wide variety of inventory management apps and integrations that Shopify Plus merchants can use to control their large inventories. Integrations such as Brightpearl co-exist seamlessly with Shopify Plus, making inventory management easier and simpler to control.

Apps and integrations are useful in allowing stores to manage their inventory, providing them with software and technologies that can help them to take better control of their stock and ensure all processes run smoothly.

There are also many other apps and tools such as ChannelUnity, Akeneo, ChannelAdvisor etc. that helps You can also create your own custom integrations to integrate with your store that will give you full control of your inventory, with any added capabilities that may be required.

Dedicated resource

Shopify Plus merchants are given additional resource through migration support to help them migrate their store, a solutions engineer to ensure that all your systems work together seamlessly, custom mapping and more.

Merchants who are replatforming are given dedicated migration support, with one on one guidance to help inform key eCommerce solutions. This includes recommendations for data migration to ensure all product and inventory data is moved over with no issue, with the help of a Launch Engineer who will oversee the transfer of all data.

Shopify Plus merchants are also paired with a Solutions Engineer if they are required. The Solutions Engineer provides expert technical advice and solutions, particularly around third party systems and integrations. The Solutions Engineer will ensure all systems are working together seamlessly to enable better management of your stock and inventory.

Furthermore, dedicated merchant success managers are even able to give their designated brands higher API limits if they request it, giving them more room and opportunity to request for more help and assistance if needed.


Despite common misconceptions around Shopify Plus and its inventory management capabilities, the enterprise platform is perfectly capable for those brands who have larger inventories.

Shopify Plus comes with a wide variety of features, integrations, resources and access to support for all their merchants, making it the perfect platform for brands with high inventory levels.

If you want to find out more about Shopify Plus and how it can help you manage your inventory, just get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll be happy to help.

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