Friday 2nd November 2018

How Beyond Retro Use Complex Search to Improve UX on Shopify Plus

Fatema Mulla

Beyond Retro are a high-growth fashion store selling vintage clothing and accessories from their enterprise Shopify Plus platform. All of their products are one off items, and so to ensure that their customers are able to easily and quickly find products they want, they’ve implemented some powerful apps and features to enhance onsite experiences and create a more powerful customer journey.

Of the various different tools and apps that they use, one of them is the collection filtering and complex search app known as Algolia. The features and abilities of this particular app have allowed the brand to massively improve their onsite user experience.

Here’s how they’ve used complex search and collection filtering features to improve user experience on their online store...

What is Algolia?

Algolia is an advanced site search app that provides eCommerce store owners with the ability to add powerful search and collection filters on site, allowing customers to find products they are looking for in a much shorter period of time.

Their mission is to “give development teams the building blocks to create a fast, relevant search experience”, providing eCommerce merchants and developers with the ability to develop unique search and discovery experiences for customers.

Complex Search

Beyond Retro have a large number of products on their store, and as all their items are one-off pieces, it’s important that customers can find exactly what they’re looking for so that they may purchase the item they want before it is gone.

This is why Algolia’s search features are extremely helpful for Beyond Retro. The search functionalities allow customers to easily find the product they are looking for, without having to click through multiple collection pages etc. This then reduces the chance of losing customers due to barriers that may hinder their search process, helping them to convert faster.

Algolia also allows Beyond Retro customers to refine their searches, helping them to quickly find items they are looking for.

Collection Filtering

Aside from enabling a complex and advanced search function, Algolia also provides Beyond Retro with the functionality to add multiple levels of filtering on their collection pages.

On most eCommerce sites, collection page filters tend to be limited to price ranges, sizing, colour, product type etc. With Algolia however, Beyond Retro can add a large number of filters based on the different aspects their customers may filter products by.

For example, as well as being able to filter by colour, size, brand etc, Beyond Retro customers can also filter products by the era they’re from, the fabric used, the styling of the product and more. This is extremely important for Beyond Retro, especially as sizing is a very important factor due to all items being one off pieces.

Algolia’s Benefits

Algolia’s powerful functionalities have provided Beyond Retro with a wide range of benefits, with the main one being a massively improved onsite experience for users.

Algolia’s features allows Beyond Retro to present their customers with the right content at the right time, maximising conversions and minimising the amount of customers lost on site. Beyond Retro can also customise filters based on what their customers typically search for, adding a touch of personalisation to their store.

The app also integrates seamlessly with their store, pulling through new products immediately and constantly syncing to keep content updated.


Beyond Retro have used Algolia’s advanced site and filtering abilities to its full potential, providing their customers with an improved user experience and helping them to find products they are looking for faster than ever.

This has provided customers with a more streamlined and improved browsing and purchasing process, leading to a higher conversion rate and an increase in sales.

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