Monday 29th October 2018

Shopify Meetup Leeds Roundup: Insight From Xercise4Less, Nosto, Brightpearl & Love Shopping Direct

Tom Shackleton

Straight off the back of our Shopify Meetup in Manchester, we brought the event to Leeds for the 9th time for another night packed with eCommerce insight, this time aimed at getting Shopify merchants prepared for the peak trading season.

This time hosted at Duke Studios, eCommerce experts from Nosto, Brightpearl, Xercise4Less and Love Shopping Direct shared their stories and tips for the most successful peak trading season yet.

Introduction & Shopify Roundup: Tom Shackleton @ Statement

Tom kicked off Shopify Meetup Leeds by welcoming attendees and walking through some recent feature announcements and improvements to the Shopify platform.

Shopify Meetup Leeds Statement

From the introduction of AR capabilities to enhanced fraud protection and Shopify Plus Flow Connectors, Tom walked through how Shopify continues to help support merchant growth through fast innovation and access to the latest technologies.

The 4FiiT Personal Training Story: Joe Hall @ Xercise4Less

Next up was Joe from Xercise4Less. Joe talked attendees through how Xercise4Less uses Shopify to sell their 4FiiT personal training packages online.

Joe explained how Shopify became the solution to a host of problems for the gym chain. They previously had no way of allowing members to purchase personal training online, with all bookings needing to be made at the gym.With no way to effectively market sessions, Joe explained that revenue was slipping through the gym chain’s fingers as a result.

Shopify Meetup Leeds Xercise4Less

By selling their personal training sessions and Transformation Camps through Shopify, Xercise4Less are now able to employ targeted email and social advertising strategies to capitalise on demand for 4FiiT.

Joe also walked through their email and social advertising strategies for peak trading and Black Friday.

Personalising The eCommerce Journey For Peak Trading: Max @ Nosto

Next up was Max from eCommerce personalisation platform Nosto.

Max explained how personalising the on-site customer journey can help to boost conversion rate for peak, and give each and every visitor a unique experience.Max walked through how Nosto analyses user data to create segments and provide a personalised experience, offering everything from product recommendations and personalised emails, to pop-ups and Facebook ads.

Shopify Meetup Leeds Nosto

As Max explained;

“With Nosto’s new Content Personalisation offering you can now leverage all the data we collect on visitors to automatically transform the way they experience your store.”

Peaks in Demand & The Back Office: Rob Beattie @ BrightPearl & Andy Lockley @ Love Shopping Direct

To close out the Meetup, back-office solution provider Brightpearl brought along client Love Shopping Direct to walk through how Brightpearl, along with the rest of their technology stack, is helping them prepare for a unique peak trading situation.

With multiple stores selling everything from bulbs to dehumidifiers, peak trading can be unpredictable for Love Shopping Direct.

Shopify Meetup Leeds Brightpearl

Andy explained how Shopify Plus and Brightpearl allows them to be ready for sales peaks, maintaining efficiency and service levels and capitalising as soon as demand rises.

As Andy explained;

“Despite not knowing when peak might hit, we are able to automate sales orders, manage high volumes of orders and implement late shipping cut offs for warehouses to make the most of peak.”

What’s Next?

A big thanks to everyone who made it down to Shopify Meetup Leeds. If you missed out on the event and you’re an eCommerce merchant, join our retailer exclusive Facebook group for access to the event slides, along with the chance to network with other merchants.

If you’re already eager for more eCommerce and Shopify insight, don’t forget to keep an eye on our events page for future Shopify Meetups and events.

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