Friday 31st August 2018

5 Benefits of Shopify Plus Launchpad for Food & Drink Brands

Fatema Mulla

With perishability, seasonality, delivery and more, food and drink brands certainly have a lot to consider and manage, which means there may not always be ample time to focus on manually updating your site for sales, product launches, campaigns and more. However, being able to schedule site changes and manual tasks is a key benefit of Shopify Plus.

With Shopify Plus’ powerful Launchpad feature, you can easily and efficiently manage any sales, campaigns and product launches for your food and drink brand by scheduling them in advance. From automating pricing and inventory updates, to scheduling design changes, here are five ways your food and drink store will benefit from Shopify Plus’ Launchpad tool.

1. Automatically Change Product Pricing for Sales

Launchpad allows users to automatically change product prices ahead of sales and promotions. This enables you to focus your time on making the most of your sales periods, rather than spending time manually updating your product prices before, during and after sales and promotions.

With all prices set up and ready ahead of sales launch, you’ll have more time to focus on ensuring your online store provides a smooth and seamless journey for your customers.

This is important for food and drink brands who may need to regularly update prices when the value of their products change, due to perishability of products and seasonality trends.

For example, you may need to lower the price of a product that is due to go out of season, or change prices for products that will perish sooner than others.

Shopify Plus powered nutrition and supplements retailer Campus Protein used Launchpad to update price changes during product launches to focus on the event and not the back office tasks. This has not only provided them with an easy way to adjust product prices ahead of launches, but has also helped them analyse the performance of said launches.

2. Schedule Store Theme and Design Changes

Launchpad also offers users the ability to set and schedule design and theme changes for new product launches, events, marketing campaigns and more.

This is hugely beneficial as design and theme updates can take up time that you could be spending on other tasks. Using Launchpad will allow you to pre-schedule these ahead of time and ensure everything is good to go on site. With all design changes set up beforehand, you’ll be able to maximise your sale period as you won’t have to spend time manually doing this when the sale starts or ends.

Food and drink brands need to adapt with seasonality, which is made easier with Launchpad as it allows you to automate changes and updates that need to be made to your theme and site design.

3. Lock Down Your Store to Build Anticipation

Launchpad also allows merchants to lock their store or select pages ahead of product launches and sales to build hype and to let customers know there’s something to look forward to.

Creating a sense of mystery and excitement will increase conversions when the product or sale is launched, increasing customer awareness of your brand and giving customers an incentive to see what you will launch.

This can be useful for food and drink brands who have a high repeat customer rate and need a key strategy to maintain loyalty. Locking your store be an effective way to build anticipation and create an experience around launches, helping to boost customer loyalty.

4. Automate Inventory Changes for Busy Periods

Your stores inventory may need frequent updates and changes during sales and events. However, with Launchpad you can automate any inventory changes; setting values to automatically increase and then decrease before, during and after sales periods.

You’ll no longer have to worry about checking in on inventory levels or worrying about products going out of stock - with Launchpad, you can automatically change your settings so that inventory is managed effectively during sales periods, so you won’t have any stock shortages.

With food and drink products, inventory will differ massively for different products based on the size and type of the products. For example single food or drink products may need regular stock updates compared to those that come in multi-packs or bundles, and Launchpad can enable you to automate any changes that need to be made.

5. Assess Sales Performance

Understanding the performance of your campaigns is vital if you want to make the most of your sales. Being able to analyse this in real time, minute by minute, is an ideal way to continue optimising for maximised success whenever you launch a new food or drink product or collection.

Luckily, Launchpad comes with a live dashboard that allows you to do just that.

Food and drink brands have a wide range of varying customers, and so being able to analyse live data and conversion metrics during sales periods will help you gain better insight into customer behaviour during sales. This will then help you optimise future campaigns based on what you have learnt from analysing in real time. You will also be able to use the live dashboard to identify any conversion problems, which you can then quickly fix to ensure you don’t lose out on sales.

Scale your Store with Launchpad

Launchpad is a highly powerful tool that can help your food and drink brand to work more efficiently and grow with its wealth of effective features. Use Launchpad to be more productive and work efficiently by simplifying your workload and automating manual tasks to focus on what really matters, such as customer service, user journey, campaign analysis and optimisation and more.

If you want to find out more about Shopify Plus’s tools and features and how they can benefit your leisure store, just get in touch with our team.

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