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Friday 29th June 2018

Webinar Roundup: Common Traits of High-Growth Brands

Fatema Mulla

We recently worked with one of our partners - omni-channel retail solution Brightpearl to deliver an insightful webinar on high growth brands. Thanks to everyone who joined, but if you couldn’t make it, here’s a breakdown of some of the insight.

The topic of high growth brands and their success has been one of great interest for ambitious retailers, especially due to the rise of DNVB’s (digitally native vertical brands) such as GymShark, MVMT Watches, Birchbox and more. What can retailers learn from their growth?

We partnered with Brightpearl to discuss what these high growth brands have in common, and how online retailers can adopt these shared traits in order to grow their own business. Listen to the recording below to hear our thoughts:

“Digitally Native Vertical Brands are brands who have emerged onto the scene solely as online brands, and have achieved significant growth, high order volumes, and have established a strong brand awareness and online presence in a short amount of time. They achieve this due to a number of reasons, including prioritising mobile centric experiences, keep scalability in mind, leverage UGC and more. They also tend to be quite agile and evolve rapidly.”

Thanks to everyone who joined what was an insightful and inspiring webinar. We’ll be exploring future eCommerce webinar and events throughout the year, to bring together thought leaders within the online retail space, so subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear.

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