Friday 15th June 2018

How Food & Drink Brands Can Benefit from Shopify Plus

Tom Shackleton

Food and Drink eCommerce brands face unique challenges every day. From perishable products to seasonality, managing a high-growth food and drink store can be tough. Thankfully, Shopify Plus’ powerful enterprise features can be the solution to many of these challenges, but how?

1. Plan and Execute Promotions with Shopify Plus Launchpad

Planning and executing sales can be a massively time consuming operation.

From designing new website assets to editing product pages and updating messaging, the time it takes to implement a sale for your food and drink brand cuts into the time you should be spending selling.

With Launchpad, sale planning and operation is automated, allowing you to simply set a schedule and have your food and drink sale launch automatically.

2. Widen Your Reach with the Shopify Plus Wholesale Channel

Although there’s huge growth in the popularity of direct to consumer food and drink eCommerce brands, wholesale is still a fantastic opportunity to widen your food and drink store’s reach.

Thanks to Shopify Plus’ dedicated wholesale channel, you can manage B2B and B2C stores from the same dashboard, setting separate pricing, availability and collections for each.

Laird Superfood Shopify Plus Wholesale

Shopify Plus Merchant Laird Superfood was able to easily add a password protected wholesale store to their existing Shopify Plus store, without the need for costly development.

This means launching a B2B operation for your food store is quick and simple, allowing you to combine a straight to consumer approach with a more traditional wholesaling strategy.

3. Avoid Wastage with Shopify Plus Scripts

Wastage is a huge problem for every food and drink store. The perishable nature of your products means stock can’t hang around for long, so anything you can do to keep turnover high is a must.

With Shopify Plus Scripts, you can build custom pricing and discounts right into your store’s theme.

This means you can up-sell, cross-sell and incentivise higher order volumes quickly and easily, keeping those orders flooding in and moving stock through before it’s wasted.

4. Speed Up Processes with Shopify Plus Flow

When it comes to food and drink, customers expect speed at every stage of interaction - from the onsite experience, right through to delivery and returns.

With Shopify Plus Scripts you can introduce automation into your store’s processes, cutting down time spent on repetitive tasks. This means you can process orders faster and at a lower cost, getting your food and drink products in the hands of customers as quickly as possible.

You can also use Flow to set up repeat emails and notifications, encouraging customers to take advantage of a ‘soft subscription’ model - allowing to keep customer retention high.

5. Grow Faster with a Merchant Success Manager

Sometimes spotting great growth opportunities requires a little outside insight, and every Shopify Plus merchant gets their own dedicated Merchant Success Manager to help them do just that.

Your Merchant Success Manager will help to identify opportunities, spot areas for improvement and help you capitalise on your momentum.

From connecting you with great app partners like loyalty schemes, email tools and fulfillment solutions, to helping to shape your strategy, your Merchant Success Manager will work with you to grow your store.

It’s likely they’ll have worked with other food and drink brands in the past, and will be able to help you identify strategies and tools that could add real value to your business.

What’s Next?

With Shopify Plus, your food and drink brand can cut wastage, boost efficiency, run incredible promotions and much more.

Advanced features like automation, custom discounting and sale management can help to transform your conversions and lift your store to the next stage of its growth.

Interested in finding out more about how Statement can help you with a Shopify Plus store for your food and drink eCommerce business? Feel free to get in touch, and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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