How Videos Can Improve Your Online Store's Conversion Rate

When it comes to improving eCommerce conversion rate, you’ll of course want to use every tool available to you to provide the best on site experience possible - and leveraging the power of video should be an integral part of that strategy.

Whether it’s on your store’s homepage, product pages or brand page, using video at various stages of the conversion funnel can improve customer confidence and lift conversion rates.

Here’s just how using video on your eCommerce store can boost your conversion rate.

1. Communicate Your Brand Values

Trust and confidence in your brand messaging can easily influence a customer to make a purchase, so communicating your brand values through video can have a potentially huge impact on conversion rate.

Peter Reed Video

This examples from our client Peter Reed communicates the history of their luxury linen brand in an engaging, visual way.

The ability to see real people behind your brand, understand your core purpose and be reassured by the quality of your products through video can be a fantastic tool for boosting customer confidence, and ultimately increasing conversions. If a customer isn’t already familiar with your brand, video can be a great way of educating them.

Creating brand videos with a tool like Videoly is a great place to start, allowing you to source, create and embed video on your site with ease.

2. Communicate Key Product Features Visually

Just trying to communicate the benefits of your products with a long bullet list or pages of copy isn’t the most engaging technique, so adding video can be the perfect tool for cutting out the copy and lifting engagement.

Asos video

This example from Asos shows how product videos can be great for communicating details like size, fit and colour.

While having strong product descriptions is important, video can be a powerful tool for getting across key benefits in a more visual way.

According to eCommerce video experts Videoly;

“Videos bring products to life online in a way unlike any other and by utilising elements such as human voice, tone, body language and music they can be used to create engaging stories around products. With video multiple senses are activated at the same time, triggering stronger emotional responses and ultimately influencing the purchasing decision in a way that other types of information can’t.

At Videoly, we’ve seen significant improvements in our customers’ add-to-cart conversions across industries through product videos, and it’s not just us – multiple studies have shown that customers are more likely to purchase online after watching product videos!”

3. Answer Customer Concerns

Sometimes, it’s hard to answer customer concerns through product descriptions or traditional means. A customer might want to understand how your product fits into their everyday life.

This example from Native Union shows their phone cable in everyday situations, allowing customers to visualise themselves using the product.

We already know the benefits of using lifestyle photography, but video can be an even more powerful tool for addressing concerns over everything from size to colour and more.

Giving customers a better understanding of your product’s look and feel through video can get straight to the core of those unanswered questions, remove barriers to purchase and transform your conversion rate.

4. Show Real Experiences

Adding user generated video to your site can help to increase trust in both your product and your brand by showcasing other users with user-generated content.

This example of user-generated content from our client Xercise4Less is a great illustration of how real life examples can help to increase trust in their personal training products.

Being able to see real customers in real situations using your product or service often carries more weight than your own content, and including this at key stages in the shopping funnel, such as product pages, can totally transform your conversion rate, reducing drop-offs at every stage.

Your Next Steps…

Leveraging video content on your site can help to increase trust, provide reassurance and communicate your brand values to customers. All of this can have a huge impact on your conversion rate, encouraging customers to purchase and removing barriers.

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