Monday 14th May 2018

5 Benefits of Working with a Shopify Plus Partner Agency

Fatema Mulla

As a high growth Shopify Plus merchant, you face unique challenges when making the most of your eCommerce store - with inherent complexities. That means you may require expert level help from a dedicated, experienced eCommerce agency that understands the platform and can help drive your success.

So what better option than to work with a Shopify Plus Partner agency?

Shopify Plus Partner agencies are specially selected Shopify experts recognised by Shopify themselves. They can massively benefit your eCommerce store in a number of different areas, from web development and design to marketing.

Here are five benefits of working with a Shopify Plus Partner agency, and how they can be of advantage for your eCommerce brand.

1 - They have more experience working with a variety of different Shopify clients.

Shopify Plus Partners earn their partner status based on key factors, like their portfolio of enterprise level Shopify projects and clients.

Shopify Plus partner selectors require evidence of successful high growth projects created by agencies wishing to achieve Shopify Plus partner status.

Plus, thanks to the experience of working with a variety of influential, award winning Shopify Plus clients, they’ll know exactly how to help your store thrive and flourish. They’ll be familiar with the platform and the complexities of high-growth stores and will be able to understand the limitations as they will most likely have encountered any problems previously.

2 - They can implement Shopify Plus features

Shopify Plus partner agencies can help to improve your store with Shopify Plus’ exclusive tools and features, designed specifically to grow your business across different marketplaces and channels.

Shopify Plus Partners will be able to understand and implement exclusive Shopify Plus features such as Flow, Scripts, Launchpad and more complex project elements such as internationalisation and system integration.

This will provide your store with powerful automation features, customisations and integrations to help you adapt and grow across all channels, transforming your store into a successful and captivating business that excels in all areas.

3 - Shopify Plus Partners focus on helping you grow

Partner agencies will understand just how to help your store grow and reach its full potential.

Shopify Plus Partners are able to identify key areas for development, and will build and guide development projects to help you optimise and improve your eCommerce store.

You’ll also be able to build an ongoing relationship with your partner agency, and work with them to keep your store as optimised and successful as ever as opportunities come up in the future - through CRO and ongoing optimisation.

4 - They have access to exclusive resources and updates

Due to their established partner status, Shopify Plus Partners are given exclusive access to resources and updates that most other agencies don’t have. They are given opportunities to test new features and products before they’re officially released, and can provide insightful recommendations based on their knowledge.

Shopify Plus partner agencies may also have access to inside information about Shopify's product roadmap, previews of upcoming features, and priority partner support that allows them to quickly resolve questions that you may have.

This means they’ll have a much broader knowledge and understanding needed for any updates, and will have all the possible resources to help your store reach its full potential.

5 - They have connections with app and marketing partners

Shopify Plus Partners also have opportunities to establish and maintain relationships with app developers and other Shopify Plus Partners around the world.

The relationships and connections they build with partners and developers give them the ability to recommend apps that are ideal for your store and even offer better pricing.

They’ll be able to implement these new apps and features as quickly as possible, fully understanding any limitations. They’re also given priority access and support through their connections, so any issues you may have will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

In Summary

Working with a Shopify Plus Partner agency can be extremely beneficial for any eCommerce store and Shopify Plus merchant.

With an unparallelled knowledge of the platform itself, a wealth of experience, focus on high growth and access to exclusive resources and connections, Shopify Plus Partner agencies are the best option for helping your eCommerce store to thrive and grow.

Statement is a Shopify Plus partner agency, and we are always dedicated to helping our clients make the most of their Shopify Plus store. Get in touch with us today to find out more about what we do and how we work!

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