Tuesday 3rd April 2018

How Interiors Brands Can Benefit from Shopify Plus’ Wholesaling Features

Tom Shackleton

Running wholesale and B2C eCommerce stores simultaneously for your homewares and interiors store used to be complicated, but not anymore thanks to Shopify Plus’ wholesaling features.

It used to be that multiple storefronts, separate inventory and complex management made running both B2C and B2B businesses difficult for brands.

Here’s just how interiors brands can benefit from Shopify Plus’ wholesaling features to run an efficient, profitable wholesale operation for their brand.

Use Existing Theme

Setting up a wholesale storefront used to require detailed preparation, project planning and long lead times. Thanks to Shopify Plus, interior stores can now set up a wholesale store in minutes using your B2C store’s existing theme.

Shopify Plus allows you to use your existing B2C interiors store as a starting point for your wholesale operation, using your existing theme and copying across products. You can then set wholesale prices for each of your products, without having to manually import or enter data from scratch.

Being able to use an existing theme makes setting up your wholesale store quick and painless, rather than a complex and resource intensive exercise.

Create a Password Protected Storefront Shopify Wholesale Password

Thanks to the Shopify Plus exclusive wholesale channel, you can quickly create a dedicated, password protected wholesale store for your interiors brand.

Maybe you don’t want B2C customers to be able to access unreleased collections, maybe you’re giving your wholesale customers a new season preview or you just don’t want regular retail customers to stumble across your B2B store.

A password protected storefront gives you the ability to lock off all or part of your wholesale store, restricting access to only those you grant it to.

Customers can then access your storefront with their account, giving you granular control over which customers see which parts of your store.

Offer Up Wholesale Specific Products

You may have certain interiors or homewares products that you don’t sell on your own store, but that you do sell to wholesalers.

Shopify Plus allows you to quickly create wholesale specific products and collections, making certain lines only available to wholesale customers.

You can easily separate your wholesale and retail operations through unique product lines, without having to manage products through different interfaces or platforms.

If you decide to make these products accessible on your retail store, making them available is as simple as the click of a button.

Offer Volume Based Pricing

Being able to incentivise customers with scaled or tiered pricing is a key element of many interior wholesaler’s strategy, and Shopify Plus makes integrating this into your store simple.

Through Shopify Scripts, Shopify Plus brands can build tiered and bulk pricing models right into the core of their stores.

You can scale down unit pricing the more someone orders, use price tiers to incentivise higher order values or offer perks like free delivery or free products based on order volume.

Connect to Your 3rd Party Systems

One of the biggest problems with running both B2C and B2B stores was always managing 3rd party services and integrations.

Thankfully, Shopify Plus allows you to integrate your wholesale channel with ERPs, CRMs and any other external system you might need.

With no duplicated stores or complex stock management requirements, managing orders, tracking inventory and controlling finances can be kept as simple as possible across both your retail and wholesale stores.

Your Next Steps...

With Shopify Plus, launching and running a wholesale store for your interiors or homewares brand is quicker, simpler and more efficient.

You won’t need spreadsheets, duplicated stores and manual orders to run a wholesale operation, Shopify’s wholesale channel can handle all of the heavy lifting.

Your next steps should be to get in touch with a Shopify Plus expert agency for advice on adding a wholesale channel to your Shopify Plus store, or transitioning your store over to Shopify Plus.

At Statement, we’re Shopify Plus Experts with over 15 years of eCommerce experience. If you’re considering adding a wholesale channel to your store, just get in touch and a member of our team would be happy to help.

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