How Fashion Brands Can Take Advantage of Shopify Plus' Launchpad

Due to its enterprise level features and unmatched scalability to help brands grow, Shopify Plus is (quite rightly) the desired platform for many high growth fashion brands.

Launching and managing marketing or promotional campaigns includes a lot of time consuming work, but Shopify Plus has a powerful automation tool that helps fashion store’s manage this efficiently - Launchpad.

Here are some advantages of Launchpad and how it can be of benefit for your fashion brand.

Schedule Manual Tasks

Launchpad allows you to schedule a variety of different manual tasks that may otherwise take time and cause issues during the hectic run up to campaigns.

Tasks that can easily be scheduled with Launchpad include:Product releases - for both collections and single items

  • Product description changes/updates
  • Price changes and updates
  • Adjusting themes for sales and events
  • Increasing inventory levels etc.

This is hugely beneficial for your fashion store, as having all manual tasks scheduled across a number of different channels ahead of flash sales, product releases or any other campaigns will allow any events to run as smoothly as possible.

Automatic Design Updates

No more worrying about whether the design of your site is ready for a fashion event or campaign launch - with Launchpad, you can schedule theme and design updates ahead of any events, saving you the hassle and stress before any campaigns go live.

You can also set updates to launch on weekends, holidays etc. and any other time you, or any agencies or partners, may be out of office.

Automating Discounts & Promotions

Launchpad’s variety of automating and scheduling features means you can also set discounts for customers, run promotions and offer free gifts with purchases, when used alongside Shopify Scripts.

Launchpad allows you to preset special discounts for your customers, for both collections and single products, to take effect when a campaign begins.

Launchpad helps to drive everything as smoothly as possible, and with scheduling all the details of your campaign, it means customers don’t have to wait around for you to update offers, links and discounts.

Monitor Sales Performance

Launchpad enables you to monitor and analyse your sales performance in real time, helping you to better understand and track your customers online behaviour.

Once a sale has been launched, your Launchpad becomes an event dashboard. You can monitor sales, average order value, inventory levels and conversion rates all in real time.

Being able to closely monitor and analyse the performance of all your fashion sale events will help you to understand the successes of the campaigns you launch, and where there may be issues that need improving for next time.

In Summary

Launchpad is an incredibly effective tool that will help you to perfectly execute any flash sales, campaigns, product releases etc for your fashion store. Not only does it save time, but it drives efficiency for your store and allows you to focus on maximising sales and improving customer service.

If you want to know more about how Shopify Plus can be beneficial for your fashion brand, just get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll be happy to help.

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