Tuesday 24th April 2018

5 Ways Shopify Plus' Flow Can Optimise Your Social Advertising Strategy

Tom Shackleton

As your eCommerce store scales, managing social advertising campaigns becomes more complex and difficult to control.

But thanks to Shopify Plus’ Flow, high-growth stores can take control of their social advertising strategies, making them more targeted, personalised and relevant than ever before.

Flow allows your Plus store to set workflows, tag customers and trigger specific actions based on the criteria you set. This allows you to cut down on wasted time and eliminate repetitive tasks, but there are some fantastic benefits for your social advertising campaigns too.

Here are 5 ways you can use Flow to revitalise your Shopify Plus store’s social advertising strategy...

1. Identify & Target High Value Customers

With Flow, identifying high-value customers and then targeting them with social ads is simple.

Shopify Flow High Value

You can use Flow to tag customers who pass a certain spending threshold, or tend to make high volume orders. This allows you to quickly segment and target your social ads at customers who are likely to provide a much larger return on investment.

2. Identify & Target Customers Who Convert Quickly

As well as being able to target high value customers, Flow also makes it easy for you to identify customers who are likely to convert quickly, serving them with tailored ads that add a sense of urgency.

If you’re looking for a short term sales boost to meet targets or get the most from a sale, this can be a great tactic.

3. Pause Advertising for Out of Stock Products

No eCommerce retailer wants to waste social advertising budget on promoting products that customers can’t even buy.

Thanks to Flow, you can automatically notify the marketing team when stock runs low, or runs out all together, allowing them to pause ads promoting those products before budget is wasted.

Shopify Flow Advertising

You’ll also avoid disappointing customers who find themselves unable to make a purchase!

4. Separate Wholesale Customers from B2C

If you’re running both wholesale and B2C storefronts thanks to Shopify Plus’ wholesale channel, you’ll want to make sure to segment these customers in your social advertising.

With Shopify Plus’ Flow, this is as simple as automatically adding a tag to any wholesale orders.

This allows you to target social ads specifically at your wholesale customers, or even just exclude them from your B2C ads. After all, you don’t want to be spending money targeting your wholesale customers with retail pricing.

5. Identify Customers Who Respond to Promotions

Knowing which of your customers respond well to sales, discounts and promotions can be an invaluable tool when it comes to planning your social advertising strategy.

With Shopify Plus’ Flow, you can create workflows to identify and tag customers depending on their purchasing behaviour.So if a customers usually buys in sale periods, with a discount code or through a promotion, you can quickly segment them.

Shopify Flow Promotions

This means you can target ads with specific sale messaging at the customers who are most likely to respond to them, something which is sure to result in higher conversions and a better CPA.

Your Next Steps…

Thanks to Shopify Plus and Flow’s powerful automation features, your social advertising campaigns can now be more targeted, personalised and tailored to your customer base than ever before.

Being able to automatically tag and segment your audience based on a huge number of triggers gives you granular control over the customer profile, behaviour and activities that you target.

Ultimately, the more targeted you can make your social advertising strategy, the better the results.

Want to find out how Statement can help boost your social advertising by implementing Shopify Plus Flow? Just get in touch with our team and we’d be happy to help

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