Thursday 15th March 2018

How Food & Drink Brands Can Use Shopify Plus’ Powerful Discounts Functionality

Tom Shackleton

While standard Shopify food and drink stores have a wealth of great discounting apps available, high-growth stores on Shopify Plus have the ability to build a unique, effective discounting system right into the core of their store using Shopify Scripts.

With Shopify Scripts, your food store can craft a discounting program built around the way customers engage with your produce.

You can build discounting right into your food store’s product pages, cart and checkout, encouraging higher order values, repeat purchasing and boosting sales.

Here’s how your food and drink store can use Shopify Plus’ powerful discount functionality through Shopify Scripts.

What are Shopify Scripts?

Shopify Scripts is a custom API, built just for Shopify Plus stores.

Shopify Scripts allow you to customise and optimise the back end of your Shopify Plus store, adding custom scripts to cart, product and checkout pages to allow for everything from custom VAT calculations to tiered discounts.

Your food store can use Shopify Scripts to add powerful discounting and sale functionality to your store, allowing you to incentivise key actions like bulk ordering or upselling.

Here are just a few of the many ways your Shopify Plus food and drink store can use Shopify Scripts...

Offer Free Gifts with Certain Purchases

Adding a free gift is a fantastic way to both incentivise ordering, and delight your customers with an extra little something.

You could use Shopify Scripts to offer free accessories that will automatically be applied at the cart, meaning you don’t have to manually adjust stock, and the customer can immediately see that they’re getting a great deal.

Shopify Scripts allows you to create custom rules, adding additional products based on just what the visitor adds to their cart.

Offer Lower Pricing for High Volume Orders

Volume discounting may not be a useful feature for every food and drink store, but with B2B and wholesale eCommerce booming (the B2B market is over 200% larger than B2C!) the ability to offer bulk discounts through Shopify Scripts makes complex functionality readily accessible.

You could offer tiered pricing for bulk orders, with the functionality built straight into Shopify and no need to install any additional apps.

For B2C food and drink stores, tiered pricing allows you to easy implement bundles, meal boxes and meal plan discounts quickly and efficiently, as well as open your store up to B2B markets without the need for complex integrations.

Offer Percentage Discounts for Bundled Products

Speaking of meal boxes, the ability to offer percentage discounts through Shopify Scripts gives your food and drink store a simple method of incentivising complementary products.

Offer a discount on products commonly bought together, or supplement lower margin products by encouraging customers to purchase with products you’ll make a higher profit on.

Run Buy One Get One Free Offers

“BOGOF” offers have been a big part of grocery retailing for a long time, and with Shopify Scripts, your Shopify Plus store can easily take advantage of buy one get one free deals.

With Scripts, you can quickly set up custom rules for buy one get one free offers, building them into the core of your Shopify Plus store, rather than relying on 3rd party apps.

This can be a simple way of incentivising the purchase of multiple items, and can be fantastic for increasing average order values, especially if you’re selling low value food and drink products.

Offer Cash and Percentage Discounts

WIth Shopify Scripts, you’ll also be able to replace your standard discounts app, and take Shopify’s default discount functionality up a level.

Adding simple cash and percentage discounts to products means you don’t have to spend time adjusting pricing, and allows you to be much more flexible with your store’s pricing structure.

You can take cash discounts off orders at checkout, making first order discounts easy, or take percentage discounts from certain products without having to manually adjust their price.

Your Next Steps...

When it comes to discounts, Shopify Plus and Shopify Scripts give you access to a wealth of options for everything from incentivising bulk ordering, to cross selling complementary products.

Shopify Scripts can replace your food and drink store’s discounts app and build the functionality right into your Shopify Plus store.

Want to find out how Statement can help you implement Shopify Scripts into your Shopify Plus store? Just get in touch, and our team would be happy to help.

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