Wednesday 14th March 2018

5 Facebook Remarketing Tips for eCommerce Stores

Tom Shackleton

When it comes to social advertising, remarketing campaigns are often some of the most efficient and cost effective campaigns to run.

Targeting existing visitors and customers gives you a ready-made audience of engaged potential shoppers, more likely to be ready to purchase.

Rather than making broader assumptions about your target customer based on age, gender and interests, Facebook remarketing allows you to target customers who’ve already shown an interest in your store by visiting product pages or adding to cart, for example.

So how can you make the most of Facebook remarketing to drive those all important orders? Here are our five top tips...

1. Invest Time in the Setup

First things first, you’ll need to make sure that your Facebook pixel and product catalogue are set up correctly if you’re going to see results from your campaigns.

It’s worth taking the time to import your product catalogue, set up product groups and implement any custom conversions or events you’ll want to use in your remarketing. The more detailed your setup, the more options you’ll have to experiment with when it comes to targeting.

You should make sure to set up:

  • Your Facebook pixel
  • Your store’s product catalogue, including product categories and groups
  • Standard pixel events like add-to-cart and product view
  • Any custom pixel events you’ll need like “Add to Wishlist” for example.

Upsell remarketing 2. Upsell to Your Engaged Customers

Targeting particularly engaged customers with upselling ads is a fantastic tip for increasing that all important customer lifetime value.

Upselling with dynamic Facebook ads allows you to target customers based on their previous shopping behaviour, serving ads with products targeted specifically at complementing the products they’ve already ordered from you.

If you are a retailer of certain food and drink products, upselling similar meals or beverages based on what a customers has already bought can work well. Similarly, fashion brands can do this particularly well too - upselling certain products based on a customers’ preferences.

Upselling with Facebook remarketing is a no brainer. With well targeted ads, you’re sure to convince engaged customers to come back and buy again.

Cart Remarketing 3. Recover Abandoned Carts

While upselling is great for serving Facebook ads to your existing customers, what about those not quite ready to convert just yet?

Dynamic abandoned cart ads are a must for recovering lost customers.

You’ll already be sending out some fantastic abandoned cart emails, but taking a multi-channel approach and remarketing to those potential customers on Facebook just gives shoppers another touch point with which to interact with your brand.

A highly specific audience of visitors on the verge of purchasing, such as those who’ve abandoned cart, is the ideal basis for a successful Facebook remarketing campaign.

  • Use your Facebook tracking pixel to log visitors who abandon their cart.
  • Serve a dynamic abandoned cart ad, specifically promoting the products they abandoned.
  • If possible, recover the customer with a targeted offer.

4. Reward VIPs

Remarketing ads don’t just have to be all about encouraging first time customers, they also make for a great opportunity to reward your most valuable shoppers too.

You should be identifying your VIP customers and targeting them with exclusive offers, early access to sales and one off discounts.

A well run VIP remarketing campaign can turn high spending customers into brand advocates and powerful evangelists for your store.

  • Build and export a list of your most valuable customers.
  • Use this to create a Facebook audience.
  • Serve ads with exclusive offers targeted at this audience.

Traffic Generation Remarketing 5. Run Your Remarketing Together with a Traffic Generation Campaign

Amid all of your Facebook remarketing efforts, it’s important not to forget one important fact. You need to drive new traffic as well.

A remarketing campaign that only targets existing visitors or customers won’t drive new traffic to your store, so have a plan in place for attracting new visitors alongside your remarketing efforts.

Your Facebook remarketing campaigns, and remarketing in general, will be most effective when combined with an effective traffic generation strategy.

Always combine your Facebook remarketing campaigns with a traffic generation campaign (whether this is through Facebook or through another traffic-generation strategy!) to ensure you always have fresh visitors to remarket to.

Your Next Steps...

If planned, executed and optimised well, Facebook remarketing ads can be a cost effective and efficient way of driving additional revenue to your store.

Plan out your remarketing campaigns carefully, and be sure to combine them with a great traffic generation strategy to make the most of your ads.

Then just be sure to monitor and optimise your ads on an ongoing basis.

Want to find out how Statement can help you to optimise and run a smart Facebook remarketing campaign for your store? Just get in touch with our team and we’d be happy to help.

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