Thursday 15th February 2018

5 Email Automations Your Store Needs to Boost Orders

Tom Shackleton

It’s important not to overlook email when planning a marketing strategy for your eCommerce store. Automated emails are one of few direct routes to your customers, and gives you the chance to speak to them personally, with a customised message.

So for boosting your store’s conversions and lifting sales, email automations are key.

To help you make the most of automated email for your store, here are five conversion boosting email automation flows you should be implementing right away.

1. An Abandoned Cart Automation

An abandoned cart automation is a no-brainer.

Customers who abandon cart are so close to making a purchase it may only take a nudge to help them commit, and an email series is the perfect way of doing just that.

Put together an automation reminding customers of what was in their cart, and giving them a friendly reminder to head back and finish their order.

To turn your abandoned cart automation into a series, add a second email sweetening the deal with an exclusive discount.

2. A Welcome Series Welcome Series

To make your new customers feel a part of a community, and help them get the most from their new purchase, a welcome series is a great idea.

Use a personalised welcome email direct from your store’s founder to introduce your store to a new customer. Let them know that you’re there to answer any questions they may have, and that there’s a community of other customers they can get involved with.

You can further extend your welcome series with content promotional emails, brand story emails review request emails to gather feedback from customers.

3. An Upselling Flow

Maximising the value of each customer is essential to the long term success of any eCommerce store, and using a personalised upselling flow will allow you to target specific customers for repeat purchasing.

Segmenting and targeting customers based on their previous orders allows you to email each customer with additional products relevant to them, and predict upsells that will improve their experience with your products.

An upselling flow will bring well qualified, relevant traffic to your site, and help to improve your customer lifetime value.

4. A Loyalty / Advocacy Flow Loyalty Flow

Retaining your customers isn’t just about upselling more products. It’s about building a lasting relationship, and turning your shoppers into loyal customers.

A loyalty or advocacy flow is the perfect way to start building brand loyalty with your store’s customers.

Share exclusive discounts, relevant content and free gifts with your customers. You could offer a personalised discount on each customer’s birthday for example.

Setting up a loyalty flow is essential for creating loyal customers, and turning them into advocates, willing to shout about just how great your store is.

5. A Customer Winback Automation

No matter how hard you try, sometimes customers just won’t buy from you for a while. A winback automation is a must if you’re going to bring them back into the fold.

Reaching out to customers who haven’t purchased for a set period of time and reminding them of your store can be fantastic for bringing in some extra revenue.

Offer them a unique discount code and give visitors a real reason to come back and purchase again.

If a customer has simply forgotten to order, has been meaning to come back or your store has just slipped their mind, use a winback automation to bring them back.

Your Next Steps...

These five email automations are essential if your eCommerce store is to make the most of email.

Want to find out more about how Statement can help your eCommerce store with smart email marketing? Feel free to get in touch and our friendly team would be happy to help.

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