Friday 17th November 2017

How to Create an Incredible Customer Experience this Christmas with Shopify

Fatema Mulla

One of the most stressful tasks during the Christmas season? Keeping your customers satisfied and avoiding any issues with customer support, delivery, returns etc.

Making sure your customers leave your store feeling happy and at ease will alleviate some of the pressure you feel and guarantees a much more successful holiday period - and the Shopify ecosystem can actually help with this.

So what can your eCommerce store do differently this year to ensure your customers have a great experience with you?

Zendesk Support Feature

Go the extra mile and assist your customers as much as possible this Christmas.

Zendesk is a helpdesk tool and Shopify app that can be integrated with your Shopify store - and will help you to enhance customer engagement by providing top quality customer support.

Zendesk gives you access to all the relevant information you may need when interacting with customers to ensure communication is relevant and efficient for each customer.

It’s also a great way to improve relationships with clients and customers - access to relevant information about customers presents you with the opportunity to help your customers feel valued and important (which is one of the key elements of a great customer experience!).


Apple Pay Checkout App

There’s nothing more frustrating than a long and difficult checkout process. Customers want to be able to go through the checkout process as quickly and easily as possible - lengthening the process can often discourage them, resulting in abandoned purchases.

Apple Pay is a Shopify app that provides customers with a simple and speedy checkout process, saving them time and allowing them to complete their purchase without having to manually add their details - which are instead automatically stored in the digital wallet, massively cutting down the time it takes customers to finalise the checkout process.

Orderify! Order Control App

Customers can become easily discouraged if they make mistakes when placing their order and cannot rectify them. Many tend to abandon their purchase altogether when faced with the task of restarting the whole process. Luckily, the Shopify ecosystem has a way to ensure this doesn’t have to be a problem for your customers with Orderify!, which allows customers to easily edit details on their order or cancel them if needs be.

Not only is this app a great way to reduce customer frustration, but it also helps to increase sales as it minimises the amount of customers cancelling orders due to mistakes they may have made.


Trackr - Shipping Tracking Page

Once a customer makes an order, you’re sure to be flooded with emails regarding shipping and questions about when their order will arrive. Shopify has a handy solution to save you and your customers the hassle and lessen order-generated anxiety by allowing customers to be able to track their orders and receive notifications on the delivery status.

The Trackr shipping page extension provides customers with real time, detailed information about their orders and automatically notifies them of any changes or updates regarding the status of their order.


Return Magic

Shopify’s top rated return solution, the Return Magic app allows customers to submit return requests right on your website without any further hassle. The app creates a return portal and supports cash, gift card and exchange refunds - and also multiple languages, which can easily be activated if needed. Return Magic gives customers control over their return requests, and is easy and simple to use.

Return Magic

Touchcard - Thank You Postcard

Stand out from the crowd and send your customers a special thank you postcard with a unique coupon code - delivered directly to their mailbox after they purchase an item from your store.

Touchcard will help to increase the lifetime value of each customer and remind them of your business in a wonderfully creative way - helping to turn one time buyers into lifelong customers.


In Summary…

Creating an incredible and inspirational customer experience can be a challenging task, but Shopify can make this significantly easier for you. With numerous apps, extensions and plugins available to make your customers journey with your store simple and satisfying, you can turn this Christmas period into your most successful and fulfilling one yet.

If you’d like to find out more about how Statement can help you provide an incredible customer experience with Shopify this Christmas, just get in touch with our team.

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