[Video] Switching from Magento 1 - Watch Our Session at the eCommerce Masterplan Virtual Summit

With Magento 1’s end-of-life approaching, our Director, Dan, sat down for a session at the recent eCommerce MasterPlan Virtual Summit to talk Magento, Shopify and just what Magento 1 merchants need to do.

The eCommerce MasterPlan Virtual Summit was a fantastic event, bringing together experts from across the eCommerce world to provide advice, insight and expertise.

But if you’re a Magento 1 store owner, and you didn’t manage to catch our summit session, you can watch the whole video for free just by completing the form on this page.

In our sessions, Dan and Virtual Summit organiser Chloe Thomas talk through:

  • Exactly what’s happening with Magento 1
  • The options available to your store
  • Why Shopify may be the best option
  • How to go about replatforming to Shopify

To watch the session in full, just fill out the form on this page, and if you have any questions, or would like to find out more about how Statement can help you replatform your Magento 1 store to Shopify, feel free to get in touch.

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