Thursday 19th October 2017

The State of eCommerce - Infographic

Tom Shackleton

For eCommerce managers, store owners and anyone working in the industry, keeping on top of trends and developments is vital. Being involved in the day to day operation of an eCommerce business, you can sometimes miss wider change in the shape of the industry.

That’s why we’ve worked with data integration provider VL OMNI to take a step back and look at the current state of eCommerce.

We’ve taken data from the UK, USA and Canadian markets to create an infographic overview of the current market size and shape across the world.

From the rapid growth of Shopify, to an explosion of mobile shopping, we’ve found some insightful conclusions that will shape the state of eCommerce for years to come.

You can take a look at the full infographic below, or to download the full infographic, head over to Virtual Logistics’ site.

State of eCommerce Infographic

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