Tuesday 12th September 2017

How to Create a Loyalty Program that Stands Out Using Shopify Plus

Tom Shackleton

A loyalty scheme is a fantastic way of breeding loyalty amongst your customers, and improving vital metrics, such as customer lifetime value. But what can you really do to set your loyalty scheme above that of every other store out there.

The good news? If you want to create a truly unique and enticing loyalty program, Shopify Plus makes it easy to do so.

There is a fantastic range of advanced features that become available to merchants on Shopify’s enterprise level platform, and you can take advantage of them to craft a loyalty scheme that sits a level above the rest of the crowd.

Here’s how, when you combine a loyalty app and Shopify Plus, you can create a loyalty program that stands out.

1. Reward More than Just Purchases

Loyalty apps, for Shopify standard packages, offer some great options for rewarding your customers behaviour (such as social interaction and purchases), but Shopify Plus lets you dive deep into how your customers can interact with your store’s scheme.

More than purchases

You can use Shopify Plus and loyalty apps to create custom interactions and unique rewards for activities that really benefit your business.

For example, you could gameify your blog content to reward customers for interacting with content. A strategy like this can draw customers into your community, get them involved with every detail of your brand and help to really solidify their loyalty.

Gameification is just scratching the surface, with Shopify Plus, you can reward customers in unique ways, specific to your store, that add real value.

2. Make Spending Points a Breeze

Sometimes, despite everything, customers need a little push to use the points they’ve gathered over time, and Shopify Plus makes it as simple as possible for customers to start spending.

Shoppers can spend points straight from the checkout, making using their earned rewards much easier. This makes for a much more intuitive rewards system that lets your customers spend points when and where they choose to, rather than being constrained in any way.

Better still, you can use Shopify Plus’ Price Rules API to customise how you assign discount codes and fine tune your loyalty scheme to precisely target how customers interact with your store.

3. Exceed Customer Expectations

If you really want your loyalty scheme to stand out from the crowd, there’s no better way to do it than by exceeding customer expectations.

Customer Expectations

If you’re a Shopify Plus merchant, you’ll have the ability to create a loyalty scheme that rewards customers in unexpected ways.

Send them a generous discount on their birthday, celebrate the anniversary of their first purchase or just give them a free gift out of the blue.

You can use data to identify customers who are really engaging with your brand, and automatically reward them.

4. Scale with Ease

Back when you were a small store with a simple loyalty scheme, keeping track of members and keeping your rewards valuable to customers was simple.

As a large, enterprise operation, that becomes a lot more difficult.

Shopify Plus allows you to scale up your loyalty scheme, while still retaining the same level of insight into how customers are interacting with your scheme.

Good loyalty apps and Shopify Plus can work seamlessly together to give you access to data and insights that can drive how you shape your loyalty scheme into the future.

To create a scheme that stands out, you need to understand exactly how customers are using your program and be able to tweak the details to reflect this.

Using Shopify Plus allows you to scale your loyalty scheme with ease.

Take Loyalty to the Next Level…

With Shopify Plus, you can take loyalty to the next level.

You can create a program that competes with the best around, and even stands head and shoulders above them.

You can craft and tweak your loyalty program to fit the precise needs of your business, with unique rewards and interactions that help your scheme add real value to shoppers.

Loyalty apps and Shopify Plus can create powerful, enterprise level loyalty schemes that really stand out.

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