Why Your B2B Website Must Be Mobile Friendly

Having a mobile friendly website is vital for any business, and is only becoming more important. Many more of your prospects and clients are using mobile devices to visit your site and interact with your business, and when you don’t provide the right experience, the results can be damaging.

This is something that became even clearer to us recently when we referred one of our clients through to a pair of contacts in another industry.

Both of our contacts provide a great service, and are incredibly professional. However, when it came to our client making a decision between them, the choice was much simpler than it perhaps could have been.

Our client decided to use their mobile to research the two contacts, and upon finding that one site was not mobile friendly, they immediately dismissed them.

While this may be an extreme example, it shows how much sway a mobile site can have over your prospects, so why should you implement a mobile site, and how can not having one damage your business…

Why Is a Mobile Friendly Site Important?

As we’ve seen, a mobile site can make the difference between winning and losing business.Mobile Friendly Important

An increasing number of B2B buyers are using smartphones to conduct their research, interact with suppliers and inform purchasing decisions.

Having a mobile friendly site will allow your business to prepare for the future and ensure that your site is able to attract and engage with visitors as the way they view your site changes.

A mobile friendly site makes your business seem approachable and engaging, allowing leads to interact with your business in they way they’d prefer.

How Can Not Being Mobile Friendly Damage Your Business?

Having a mobile friendly site can bring plenty of benefits to your business, but not having one can also potentially be incredibly damaging.

If your B2B business doesn’t have a mobile friendly site, you will…

1. Create a Bad First Impression

Your website is the first point of contact for many of your prospects. It’s the first thing they’ll see of your business and not having a mobile friendly site will create a bad first impression for many of them.

As we’ve seen from our client’s experience, a bad first impression can lose you business in an instant, so not providing mobile users with a suitable site can be devastating to your chances of securing clients.

A bad first impression is also incredibly bad for your brand image, something that is incredibly important for a modern B2B business.

If you give mobile users a bad impression, next time you won’t even be under consideration.

2. Miss Opportunities

As we’ve already mentioned, the use of mobiles by B2B buyers is increasing, so not providing a mobile friendly site could cause you to miss out on business opportunities all together.Miss Mobile Friendly

Many buyer’s may never even find your site at all.

Search engines like Google are prioritising mobile friendly sites in search rankings, and penalising those which aren’t well optimised for mobile.

In order for your site to even be visible to prospects, it needs to be mobile friendly.

3. Have Poor Prospect & Client Engagement

Social media platforms and messaging apps are becoming more important to your B2B business.

Many buyers will use their mobile devices to conduct research, and this includes interacting with your brand on social platforms.

Having a site that isn’t mobile friendly makes directing prospects from your social channels to your site tough, as they’ll be faced with a poor experience when they arrive.

Encouraging engagement through social is important for your B2B business, and having a mobile friendly website is an important part of that.

4. Provide a Bad Client Experience

With a site that’s not optimised for mobile, you’ll provide a bad user experience all round.

Your site will be unable to serve up important information when necessary, and will make it difficult for leads to conduct their research independently.

You’re likely to turn away visitors right away, as we’ve seen with our client’s experience. This makes it very difficult for you to collect customer data, learn about your prospects and target those that are likely to be qualified leads.

A bad mobile experience will lead to a damaged brand, disengaged clients and loss of business.

Key Takeaways

We’ve seen how whether you do or don’t implement a mobile friendly site can impact on your business.

Mobile is vital for modern B2B businesses and in order to remain attractive to your clients and potential leads you need to implement a mobile site and avoid:

  • Damaging your brand
  • Turning away prospects
  • Missing potential opportunities
  • Disengaging your existing clients

Want to find out more about how Statement can help implement a mobile friendly site as part of an Active Website solution for your business? Feel free to get in touch and one of our team would be happy to help.

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