Monday 20th March 2017

We’re Expanding! An Exciting New Chapter for Statement

Tom Shackleton

It’s been an exciting few weeks for everyone here at Statement as we packed up our belongings into boxes and moved from our old office across to a fantastic new Wakefield HQ just round the corner on Cheapside.

We’ve been based at Unity Works on Westgate since 2014, and had a fantastic time sharing the building with some great fellow tenants. We’ve also experienced everything from a Question Time visit to an annual beer festival but as part of ongoing growth and expansion, we’ve moved to a newer, bigger building.

But that’s not all, we’ve also opened a base in the centre of Leeds, making it easier to meet with our growing collection of clients in the city.

Our Growth…

After plenty of hard work moving and making the place our own, we hope our new HQ will be a fantastic place for our team to work and clients to visit. Design office

Our new Wakefield office stretches across three floors, with multiple rooms for office space and client meeting areas.

We have dedicated spaces for our web and marketing teams to work in, making it easier for them to collaborate on projects and provide even better service to our clients.

After adding two new team members last year, having the extra space is important for our growing team to work on client projects, co-operate and be creative.

Having all of this extra space also gives us the ability to serve our quickly growing client base, spending time with them in person and helping them grow their businesses.

Expanding into Leeds

Alongside that, we also have exciting plans for further regional expansion which has prompted us to add a secondary office in the heart of Leeds which allows us to conveniently engage with our clients who are based in Leeds city centre.

Our Leeds office is right in the centre of the city at No.1 Aire Street, Leeds, LS1 4PR - we’re just round the corner from the station, so if you want to drop in to discuss a business or project, just let us know.

In the Heart of Wakefield

Our Wakefield office might have moved, but we’re still right in the centre of the city. In fact, our new location is even more convenient for clients, just a couple of minutes walk from Westgate station and with plenty of parking in the area. Boardroom office

Our new office address is 30 Cheapside, Wakefield, WF1 2TF - so if you need to send anything over to us, or if you're wanting to come visit us to discuss any projects, that's where we will be.

We’re really excited about both of our new locations, and hope that they’ll make it easier for clients to meet us face to face, as well as allowing our team more room to grow across two fantastic cities.

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