6 Common Myths About Digital Marketing for Business Owners

The use of digital marketing in B2B markets is continuing to increase. More and more businesses are seeing the benefits of using digital as part of their lead generation and brand building strategies.

With ‘The New Rules of Selling’, adopting new and progressive sales techniques is becoming more and more important, but some myths about digital marketing still prevail.

There are plenty of misconceptions and commonly encountered myths that could cause your business to think digital marketing isn’t the right path. This list is made up of 6 digital marketing myths that come up again and again, but simply aren’t true.

“My competitors don’t have a Digital Marketing strategy, so why should I?”

Digital marketing is still a growing strategy in the world of B2B, so many businesses and even industries haven’t completely embraced it yet. This means it’s easy to look at your competitors and ask, if they aren’t doing it, why should I?

In actual fact, this represents a huge opportunity for your business to capture new customers and tap into markets that your competitors haven’t explored yet.

Other businesses may have experimented with digital and been burnt by the wrong strategy, or just been put off by a few of the myths on this list.

Either way, just because your competitors aren’t doing it, doesn’t mean digital isn’t right for your industry, just that you’ve got a chance to get there first.

“Digital marketing can’t be directly linked to sales”

Of course, the primary aim of your lead generation activity is to do just that, generate leads. And many people often think it’s difficult to directly link your digital marketing activity to individual sales.

Linked to Sales

The truth is quite the opposite.

Digital marketing gives you access to a wealth of data, analytics and tracking tools that let you measure the exact ROI from your activities.

You can use techniques such as call tracking to measure enquiries or implement an active website to monitor lead sources, interaction and progress through the sales process.

“Digital marketing only effectively reaches younger audiences”

Another common digital marketing myth is that it’s primarily for reaching younger audiences.

While the modern B2B buyer is certainly younger than they were, digital marketing can be incredibly targeted to reach exactly the audience you want.

Social networks like Facebook have incredibly powerful targeting tools, and techniques like remarketing allow you to re-engage with prospects who’ve visited your site and may be more perceptible to becoming a customer.

The beauty of digital marketing, is that it makes it easier than ever to reach exactly who you want, where you want, when you want.

“Digital marketing is impersonal”

With digital marketing, it’s easy to be skeptical of the lack of face to face contact. However, not only does the modern buyer prefer less of this, digital marketing can also be personalised in other ways.

Marketing Impersonal

Digital marketing gives you multiple contact points for your B2B prospect communications. You can engage with them on social, contact them via email and target them with ads.

The most important thing is that prospects have the choice to interact with your business when they want and when they need to.

With an active website, you can also segment and personalise communication based on the interests and concerns of your prospects. Ensuring that your communication is always relevant and valuable.

“There’s no point, I’ll never compete with huge brands”

People often think that a digital marketing strategy means being thrust into direct competition with the biggest businesses online. In fact, digital marketing allows you to create a targeted strategy that identifies your own niche.

Rather than directly competing with companies that have immeasurably bigger budgets, you can identify a smaller gap and target that niche specifically.

You can speak directly to your customers, rather than competing for space with industry giants.

Digital marketing allows you to build a strategy that is suitable for your budget and can attract qualified leads that are just right for your business.

“I’ll need an expert internal team”

Finally, many businesses presume that they’ll need an expert internal team in order to be successful with a digital marketing strategy.

While some basic knowledge can definitely be useful, a digital agency can help you formulate a strategy, develop your brand and attract valuable leads.

An agency can also train your existing team to use new tools like an ‘Active Website’, and streamline your day to day sales activities.

There’s no need to invest huge amounts in recruiting and training an internal team of digital marketing experts.

Key Takeaways

Digital marketing is an incredibly important tool for attracting and engaging the modern buyer. In a changing B2B world, having a digital strategy can help your business evolve and continue to attract leads.

Far from the myths mentioned in this article, digital marketing can allow you to:

  • Take the lead in your market
  • Precisely track ROI
  • Reach a targeted audience
  • Personalise your communication
  • Carve out a market niche
  • Implement new sales methods

If you’d like to find out more about how digital marketing and Statement can help your business in the modern B2B selling environment, feel free to get in touch and one of our team would be happy to help.

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