Where to Find Trusted Digital Agencies

Finding a great digital agency to work with can be the key to your marketing efforts. You want an agency that you can form a strong relationship with, and will work with you to meet your marketing objectives.

A good digital agency can help guide your strategy, provide expert insight and help to optimise every aspect of your marketing process. So where can you find an agency that really understands your business’ needs, and can help you attract and convert customers?

Here’s where to find a trusted digital agency:

Platform Directories

If you have a particular platform or marketing tool in mind, it’s likely that they’ll have an online directory of partners or registered experts who work with their platform - whether this is an eCommerce platform like Shopify or a marketing tool like Google AdWords.

Platform Directories

These can be great places to find digital agencies that know your marketing tool like the back of their hand. You’ll find agencies who are experts in your field and will be able to offer the best quality of service and work.

Leading digital platforms only partner with agencies that they deem to meet their levels of quality, and are able to show their products in the best light. Finding an agency here should give you some digital professionals who work to the highest standards.

Client Testimonials

Most agencies will include client testimonials on their websites in some form or another, and these can be great signs of a stellar agency. But to get a better picture of how an agency works, talk to their existing clients.

Do any of your business contacts or partners currently use an agency for their own digital marketing? Talk to them about their experiences and understand how the agency has helped (or hindered) their marketing efforts.

You won’t get a better idea of whether an agency is the right choice for you that listening to their existing clients talk about the day to day experience of working with the agency.

Explore the agencies used by your contacts, and get detailed testimonials from them.

Current Partner Referrals

As well as business contacts, any creatives or other agencies you currently work with will probably have some great digital marketing contacts.

Partner Referrals

If you already use a specialist video producer, photographer or web developer, the’ll probably have some stellar digital marketing partnerships that they recommend to their clients.

You already know how your existing creative partners work, you know they’re trustworthy, and so you’d expect that they’d work with digital marketing agencies who meet the same standards and values.

Industry Events

Industry events are a great place to network and gain insight anyway, so looking for trusted digital marketing agencies here is a great idea.

Look for digital agencies attending, or even speaking at trusted events, dive right in and talk to them about their agency and your needs.

Agencies with speaking spots at reputable meetups and events are likely to be well regarded within the industry, and their peers are clearly interested in what they have to say.

Digital marketing agencies who have interesting things to say, and act as thought leaders within the industry will likely have years of experience and expertise, as well as clearly understanding the needs of businesses.

Agency Websites

An agency’s own website and marketing activities say a lot about their business. After all, if an agency can’t market their own services well, how will they market yours?

Take a look at some agency websites, either from recommendations or just a simple Google search.

Look for agencies with a story, they should show their inspiration and motivation for starting an agency, as well as plenty of enthusiasm for helping your business.

You want a marketing agency that really understands your business, the challenges you face, and may have even experienced the same situation themselves.

It’s also a good idea to take a look at their blog and social media accounts to see how they interact with the community and what insight they have to give.

In Summary…

There are a lot of marketing agencies out there, and finding the one that’s right for your business can be tough.

You need to gain a detailed picture of an agency from their clients, partners and digital presence.

Using client testimonials, respected events and directories can help you find an agency that is trusted, well regarded and focused on helping your business be successful.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Statement can help you with Digital Marketing, feel free to get in touch and one of our team would be happy to help.

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