6 Reasons PR and Digital Agencies Should Be Collaborating

Forming connections and collaborating with other businesses can be incredibly rewarding, especially when it comes to PR and digital agencies. While their functions used to be more separate, the mutual benefits from working together for digital and PR agencies are only increasing.

For PR agencies looking to adapt their methods and services to the digital age, the potential value of working with a digital agency is huge.

Conversely, the value of traditional PR to digital agencies remains strong, making for an important part of any marketing strategy.

Ultimately, PR and digital agencies working together can be very beneficial for clients and can help both agencies grow and diversify their client base. Here are 6 reasons PR and digital agencies should be collaborating:

The Changing Face of PR

PR is changing.

With the continuing growth of digital communication mediums, the demands of PR clients are evolving to match.

As a result, PR agencies need access to new technologies and platforms in order to meet the needs of their clients. Partnering with a digital agency can help fill these gaps quickly.

PR agencies could develop internal teams for things like social media and content production, but doing so would entail significant financial and time investment for a PR agency. Partnering with a digital agency would give access to these tools and technologies quickly and when needed.

For PR agencies looking to adapt quickly to the changing face of PR, collaborating with a digital agency in social, content, design, web or any number of creative areas could be the answer.

The Power of Connections

Every great digital or PR agency has a fantastic web of contacts, and collaborating can open up a wealth of new opportunities for both.

Power of Connections

Both PR and digital agencies can provide each other with any number of valuable connections, from potential clients to service providers and influencers. Making contact with a potential client from the position of a trusted partner rather than an unknown can make all the difference.

For a digital agency struggling to attract the right influencer to their latest campaign, partnering with a PR agency can give them access to the right contacts and relationships built up over an number of years.

Equally, for the PR agency trying to locate a skilled video producer for a client, accessing the contacts of a digital agency can give them a trusted creative at a moment’s notice.

Digital and PR agencies who collaborate can open doors for each other, benefiting clients and business development alike.

Skills Overlap

Whereas once the skill sets of PR and digital agencies were quite separate, the lines between them are now increasingly blurred.

PR agencies are increasingly in need of social media, content production and digital design skills to fulfil the needs of their clients. As a result, there is increasing crossover between the skills needed by both digital and PR agencies.

Not only that, but digital agencies tend to have skills gaps when it comes to traditional media and PR. Traditional PR agencies can add great value to an agency’s digital campaign and are able to reach audiences that purely digital methods can not.

Collaborating with a traditional PR agency on nurturing and growing a brand can be incredibly beneficial for a digital marketing agency.

Reactive Content Production

In the digital world, content needs to be produced quickly and in a reactive manner.

Reactive Content

Social media gives customers the ability to interact with your clients instantaneously and across multiple platforms, so a modern PR agency also needs these reactive capabilities to be able to respond.

Partnering with a digital agency can allow you to do just that. While a traditional PR agency can produce a considered and thorough press statement for example, a digital agency can react immediately and adapt to the needs of their client’s customers.

Digital agencies can pass on expertise and help a PR agency to become more reactive, use social media to respond to situations and put content production strategies in place that react to the needs of customers.

Monitoring Interaction

Digital agencies are incredibly adept at monitoring interaction and connections across various platforms.

They can use digital tools to monitor the reaction to a brand in close to real time and analyse the effectiveness of a strategy. Something that can be incredibly valuable and potentially transformative for a traditional PR agency.

Partnering with a digital agency can allow a traditional PR company to access a huge amount of data and use it effectively to monitor strategies and progress.

This is something that digital agencies do practically as a matter of habit, and represents a great opportunity for PR agencies to gain a deeper level of insight into the effects of their activities.

Creating a Comprehensive Strategy

Fundamentally, a brilliant marketing strategy usually involves aspects of traditional media and PR, as well as digital tools and mediums.

Comprehensive Strategy

If digital and PR agencies collaborate, they can create truly comprehensive marketing and growth strategies for their clients. They can fill gaps in each other’s expertise where present, and work together to create a targeted and effective campaign.

PR agencies can provide insight into using traditional media and techniques to help gain traction for a client’s brand, while digital agencies can built upon this with targeted social campaigns, branding design and web development.

In Summary…

There are plenty of opportunities for PR and digital agencies to collaborate to benefit both their clients and businesses as a whole.

While the role of the PR agency is changing in a digital world, traditional agencies still have a lot to offer digital and creative agencies. At the same time, traditional methods and ideas are still of great value to digital agencies.

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