Friday 25th November 2016

Which Shopify Plan is Best for My Online Store?

Tom Shackleton

Whether you’re a small eCommerce retailer or an established international brand, Shopify’s pricing structure is flexible enough to adapt to your needs. Focusing on a few straightforward plans, all offering unlimited product listings, your Shopify plan can change and evolve with your business.

All of Shopify’s plans offer the core functionality you’ll need for your online business, but there are plenty of extra features to be gained and potential savings to be made from choosing the plan that’s just right for your store.

From a basic plan to enterprise powerhouse, if you’re migrating from another platform or expanding your online offering, which Shopify plan is right for you?

Basic Shopify

Shopify’s basic plan includes everything you’ll need for a great online store. Unlimited product listings and file storage, along with 24/7 support are all present. This means you can import your product catalogue into Shopify and get right on selling.

You’ll also get 2 staff accounts for your business, allowing different access permissions for your store’s admin.

Shopify’s basic plan is priced at $29 per month, and like all of Shopify’s plans, it includes all hosting fees, updates and future feature introductions from Shopify (Apple Pay being one of the most recent). In addition to the monthly fee, the only other cost is Shopify's card processing fee which comes in at 2.2% +20p. If you decide to use Shopify’s own ‘Shopify Payments’ gateway, then they’ll waive transaction fees, which would otherwise be an additional 2%.

If you’re looking for some more advanced reporting features to analyse your sales, and the option to sell gift cards for your store, you may want to try Shopify’s next plan option.


If you find that Shopify’s basic plan doesn’t quite meet the needs of your business, it’s likely that you’ll find those few extra features in the standard ‘Shopify’ plan. Everything from the basic plan is still included here, as well as the previously mentioned reporting and gift card options.

You’ll also get up to 5 staff accounts rather than 2, so if you have a few more employees that need access, this Shopify plan opens up that option.

As you move up to the standard plan, the monthly cost increases to $79 per month**;** however, the card processing fees drop to 1.9% +20p, so you may see cost savings as your sales increase.

For most eCommerce retailers, everything you’ll need is included here. You’ll get some fantastic reporting features that should give great insight into your customers, and you’ll also have access to automatic abandoned cart recovery to pull back in those indecisive visitors.

Advanced Shopify

If you really want to take your reporting and analysis to the next level, and you’d benefit from further reduced card fees, Shopify’s advanced plan may be for you. ‘Shopify Advanced’ includes everything present in the basic and standard plans, along with truly customised reporting and real-time carrier shipping.

Integrations with carrier services allow you to pull in shipping costs at the checkout, direct from carriers and provide customers with accurate prices.

For Shopify’s advanced plan, the monthly cost comes in at $299 per month, while card processing fees fall again to 1.6% +20p. If your store attracts a very high volume of orders, you might see even further cost reductions from choosing the advanced plan.

Shopify Retail Package

If you’re planning on using Shopify’s POS in your bricks & mortar store, you’ll want to take advantage of Shopify’s retail package as well. A $49 add-on to any Shopify plan you choose, the Shopify retail package lets you connect hardware to your POS app. Add cash drawers, receipt printers and manage your staff from the POS app.

The retail package add-on is essential for anyone looking to sell in person with Shopify.

Shopify Plus

If your eCommerce business requires a powerful and adaptable enterprise solution, Shopify Plus is the one for your business. Pricing is negotiated directly with Shopify, who’ll also provide you with an account manager to help grow your store.

Shopify Plus is behind the sites of some huge brands and celebrities such as Adele and Tesla Motors. You can read more about Shopify Plus’ impressive and growing list of customers in our blog post. It’s safe to say though, that the platform handles huge volumes of traffic and orders without a problem.

Like every Shopify plan, Plus is fully hosted and will get your store up and selling in no time at all.

In Summary…

Whichever Shopify plan you choose, you can be sure that all of the core features needed for running a successful eCommerce business are included. You’ll be able to migrate your products quickly from another platform, integrate easily with other services and trust the security features and hosting included in every plan.

You can also change your Shopify plan as your business continues to grow. So when your sales start flying through the roof, Shopify can adapt to keep providing you with a reliable, effective eCommerce store.

Still unsure which Shopify plan would be right for your eCommerce business? Get in touch with us and we’d be happy to have a chat with you about which plan might be best for your needs.

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