6 Celebrities & Huge Brands Who Chose Shopify

Shopify has always been a fantastic platform for startups and small businesses. The ability to focus on sales and growing an eCommerce business rather than hosting and solving technical problems has made it the best choice for small and medium sized eCommerce businesses around the world.

But Shopify isn’t just for small businesses…

It’s an incredibly powerful and capable platform whatever the size, and the development of Shopify Plus has reinforced this. There are plenty of huge, international brands and celebrities using Shopify to strengthen their brand image and sell everything from new music to car upgrades.

Here are just 6 of the many celebrities and huge brands who’ve chosen Shopify:

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Shopify

One of Shopify Plus’ most recent converts, Lady Gaga uses the platform as a sub-domain of her main site. A simple design makes the site easy to navigate, perfect for picking up a new album or tour t-shirt with little fuss.

The flexibility of the Shopify platform makes it easy to change the look and feel of the site from album to album. Using Shopify allows the international pop star to always remain on brand and keep her store ready for new releases.

Kendall & Kylie

Jenner Shopify

The fashion brand belonging to reality TV stars Kendall & Kylie Jenner is based on Shopify and a very visual, image focused theme. Shopify Plus allows them to easily cope with spikes in traffic around new seasons and product releases, as well as the inevitable attention from their TV show.

As you’d expect for reality TV stars, social media and video have a big part to play too, with video content and social media feeds seamlessly embedded into the site. Shopify makes it easy to create a premium look and that’s certainly true here, with a site that looks fantatic, loads quickly and runs smoothly.


Budweiser Shopify

Selling Budweiser branded merchandise and accessories, the Bud Shop is integrated into the larger Budweiser website. The Shopify store takes on the exact same look and feel as the wider site so you wouldn’t even know you were navigating away to a Shopify store.

As a huge, international brand, Budweiser needs a site that can cope will large amounts of traffic and strengthen their brand image. Shopify allows them the flexibility and customisation to do this.


Adele Shopify

When it comes to traffic spikes, very little could compare to an Adele album release. The music icon’s merchandise store is based on Shopify Plus to cope with her huge popularity and following. A simple, understated and premium design matches her brand perfectly and helps sell what will no doubt be an incredible amount of merchandise.

The store even allows shoppers to choose click and collect for their orders. Placing orders online and then picking them up from a show when they attend. Small innovative touches like this show why Shopify is becoming the first choice for many large brands.

Dan & Phil

Dan and Phil Shopify

For Youtube sensations Dan & Phil, a Shopify store is the obvious choice. The low maintenance nature of Shopify is great for up and coming content creators, while the scalability of Shopify means it’s ready to hand over to a management firm or eCommerce manager when you hit the big time.

As you’d expect, video is incorporated into the site whilst keeping a clean and simple look. The somewhat playful design of this site is a sharp contrast to others on this list, and just illustrates the flexibility of Shopify as a platform for brands and celebrities.

Tesla Motors

Tesla Shopify

As one of the most innovative brands in the world, Tesla Motors needs a site that’s flexible and in-keeping with it’s premium brand. Shopify meets those criteria perfectly. The Tesla store is simple and focused around showing off their premium electric cars.

Everything from iPhone cases to car upgrades is sold from the store and it needs to be able to arrange engineer appointments for installations and upgrades across the US. The fact that Shopify has an integrated app store makes adding additional functionality like this simple.

In Summary…

Celebrities and big brands are increasingly turning to Shopify as a platform for their online stores. All of these sites will deal with huge volumes of traffic, as well as significant spikes around events and announcements. It just goes to show that Shopify is an incredibly robust and adaptable platform. One that’s only going to get even better.

Interested in how Shopify and Shopify Plus can help your brand as it grows? Just get in touch and we can discuss how Shopify can best be used for your online retail store.

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