Wednesday 28th September 2016

We’re at the Shopify Retail Tour in Manchester!

Tom Shackleton

Shopify has always been a forward thinking eCommerce platform and that’s one of the many reasons we love Shopify here at Statement. We also love the way they engage customers, merchants, developers and anyone else working with Shopify to build an interesting and smart community. The latest example of this, following our Meetup Leeds event earlier this month, is our participation in the Shopify Retail Tour in Manchester, 5th-7th October.

Shopify Retail Tour

Shopify’s Retail Tour is making its way around the UK in October - consisting of some great talks, workshops and 1–1 sessions. There should be plenty on offer for eCommerce merchants, Shopify developers and anyone with an interest in the platform.

The Shopify Retail Tour should represent a great opportunity for merchants looking to gain some further insight into the platform, network with other eCommerce sellers and talk directly with experts about their Shopify conundrums and problems. Events like these are fantastic for new eCommerce brands looking to get involved in the Shopify community and find out more about the platform that keeps their business running smoothly.

That’s not all though - be sure to see one of our directors, Dan Conboy, speaking in Manchester. Dan will be sharing his years of experience in working with Shopify, sharing stories from within the Partner community and sharing insights from using the platform to help merchants build strong eCommerce businesses.

The Importance of Community Building

Building a strong community through events like Shopify Retail Tour is essential for eCommerce retailers. The value of sharing experiences, problems and victories is huge for helping businesses to flourish. Events like this and Shopify Meetups are further evidence for the health of eCommerce in the North.

We’ll certainly be using the event to help develop our knowledge of Shopify - there’s always more to be learnt and new experiences to be had, especially with a company and industry that moves so fast to adopt new technologies.

We look forward to seeing everyone at Shopify’s Retail Tour in Manchester between 5th-7th October. If you’re heading over to Manchester for the event, let us know by getting in touch on Facebook or Twitter. Also, be sure to keep an eye on our social media for more information on Dan’s guest speaker slot.

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