7 Ways to Prepare Your Online Store for Buy British Day

Now in it’s 3rd year, Buy British Day celebrates everything that’s good about British-designed and made products. It’s an opportunity for eCommerce retailers to promote their British product offering and attract new customers to their brand, both from home, and abroad.

Here are 7 ways you can prepare your online store for Buy British Day, which this year, falls on Saturday, 1st October:

Reach Out To Bloggers

Buy British Day is a nationwide event that is growing in popularity every year. There are bound to be bloggers looking for related content to write about, so reach out to some content creators relevant to your eCommerce site and talk to them about featuring your products for Buy British Day. Sending them a sample of your product is a great way to get them involved and generate that extra publicity around the event.

Contacting local news agencies and bloggers is another great tactic for getting coverage with a particular British “feel”.

Add a Dedicated Section to Your Store

Customers navigating to your store in search of British products will want the discovery process to be as simple and convenient as possible. Setting up a dedicated ‘British Products’ section is an ideal way of putting everything British-made front and centre. You could even add some Buy British Day branding for that added visibility.

Open a Pop-Up Shop

Pop-Up ShopWhat better way to celebrate British-made goods than by taking your products to the high street. Opening a pop-up shop is a fantastic way of creating something special that really promotes your products and fully embraces the ethos of the day.

Look for any pop-up spaces near you that match your brand identity. You can rent them on websites like Appear Here for short periods of time such as a day or week. There could also be events taking place near you to celebrate Buy British Day so keep an eye out for anything that you could take part in.

Interact on Social Media

As with any event, using it as an opportunity to interact with your social media following is a must. Use the hashtag #BuyBritishDay to promote your eCommerce store and products. You could also ask fans and followers to contribute their own British-themed photos or images of them using your products.

You could even use Snapchat or Twitter to tell the story of your manufacturing process over the course of the day, guiding your customers through the production line to enforce the British-made element of your brand.

Offer a Discount

Celebrating by offering a discount is a tried and tested method of attracting sales around an event. Create a memorable British themed discount code; this way, potential customers don’t have to go searching back through their browser history to find the code and navigate away from your checkout page.

Give Something Away

If you’re feeling generous, giving a British themed free gift to anyone who buys from your British product section is a very useful way of adding value to every purchase. Particularly for viewers navigating to your site as a result of the event, a token gift to celebrate it could well prove to be an attractive proposition.

You could offer a tote bag to stay with the ‘local shopping’ theme. Brand it with your eCommerce store’s logo for some bonus advertising while your customers shop on the high street.

Sell Internationally

Sell InternationallyThe Made in Britain label is very highly regarded across the world, even more so than at home. You could use the opportunity to begin selling internationally, or to increase your international activity. Taking advantage of the British mark of quality is a great way to get your international selling off to a flying start and build your brand abroad.

Look into international shipping options ahead of time and prepare your store for selling to other countries. Thankfully, many eCommerce platforms are making this easier and easier.

In Summary…

Buy British Day is a great opportunity for boosting sales on your eCommerce store. It’s great for adding value to your British products and forming an association with quality. Getting involved could be a very effective tool for promoting your brand and even moving into new markets.

Are you getting ready for Buy British Day? Dis you take part last year? Get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter and let us know how it helped your eCommerce store.

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