Shopify Card Reader Launches in UK

Shopify’s card reader is now available in the UK! Shopify’s POS system has been a great tool for multi-channel retailers since launching in 2013. Since then, its added support for some great new features, like Shopify Payments, and now Shopify’s latest POS advance has landed in the UK.

Shopify’s card reader for POS customers has been available in the US for a while now, and connects to a retailer’s Shopify POS system to process card payments. This foregoes the need for a subscription plan. Card payment systems for retailers across the board have been nothing short of archaic until recently. Shopify’s card reader takes a very different approach, instead of relying on slow data connections and constraining subscription models, it’s flexible and forward thinking.

A simple chip & pin device that connects to your iPad POS, via Bluetooth, and charges a small percentage of each transaction makes much more sense for independent retailers who need to be flexible and keep costs low.

The Latest Technologies

Shopify has a great reputation for keeping their customers up to date with the very latest technologies. They have been one of the first platforms to integrate Apple Pay for eCommerce customers and continue to push forward with a plethora of 3rd party advancements via their app store.

It’s great to see Shopify staying in touch with customer demands and expectations when it comes both the eCommerce and bricks & mortar retail. It’s vital that customer expectations are met, and Shopify seems tuned in to how consumer behaviours and wishes are progressing, with added emphasis on convenience and quick shopping all the way from page load speeds through to fast delivery. Consumers expect a seamless experience and Shopify are willing to innovate to provide this.

The Need for Innovation

The digital landscape needs companies willing to innovate and think in different ways in order to continue to push forward growth for businesses. It falls to platforms like Shopify to do this when it comes to retail and they seem only too happy to oblige.

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