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Book Your Place at Techtrade Yorkshire: B2B eCommerce - The Next Game Changer

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This year’s Techtrade Yorkshire conference takes place in Leeds on 8th September, and our MD Dan Conboy will be speaking at the event on the innovations that B2B marketers will need to take advantage of in the eCommerce space. In their own words, Techtrade Yorkshire aims to: “tackle the challenges faced by the Yorkshire tech sector in order to achieve disruption, the opportunities and where the future lies,” so the conference shares a lot of values that we hold ourselves in the modern digital industry.

Dan Techtrade Yorkshire

In the changing world of eCommerce, there is a growing market for B2B companies to engage and innovate. There are many opportunities and challenges for businesses in B2B markets and companies are having to adapt and be much more forward thinking. Accommodating younger B2B buyers and taking advantage of this growth space is a fantastic chance for expanding B2B businesses.

Amazon has recently launched it’s Amazon Business service in the US, something that could make it’s way to the UK in future so businesses need to be prepared for large companies like Amazon moving into the B2B space, and take advantage now.

Dan will talk about the key trends and opportunities in B2B eCommerce when his seminar kicks off at Techtrade Yorkshire on 8th September at 10:45.

You can read more about Dan’s seminar here, and you can book your place at Techtrade Yorkshire here.

We hope to see you there!