5 Industries To Watch For Cutting Edge Social Media

Every industry faces its own challenges, and the prevalence of social media has led many industries to turn to digital marketing for solving these problems and finding new, inventive ways of connecting with their target market. Some industries, such as fashion or technology, are well suited to social media marketing. They have audiences that fit the demographics of social media users and early adopters of new technologies well. But for other industries, being effective on social media requires them to develop new and cutting edge ways of producing content and selling their products.

Here are 5 industries to watch for cutting edge social media:


The broadband industry is one which has to manage very technically complex systems and infrastructure. At the same time, brands in the industry have to consider the fact that most of their customers wont have a particularly in-depth knowledge of how these systems work.

Many brands have turned to social media for managing their customer interactions. Using social allows them to interact with their customers stress-free and without long periods holding on a phone line. It also gives them the scope to offer more information to the customer via links to help pages, video tutorials and more engaging content.

Broadband social

A great example how broadband companies are stretching the bounds of customer service on social, is Plusnet. They use Twitter to solve as many customer problems as possible and have a separate help account so that customer conversations and complaints don’t damage their general brand account or fill it with irrelevant content. Plusnet also try to inject humour into their customer correspondence and humanise their accounts.

Customer interaction in this industry had previously been painful and complicated for customers, but inventive use of social media makes it one to watch for new and creative ways of offering customer service through social.


Social media for airlines seemed to be a simple, well trodden formula, posting flight information and inspirational travel images. However, airlines have recently become much more adventurous on social media, beginning to use platforms like Snapchat as new ways of delivering content to their followers.

Airline social

One great example of this is JetBlue, who recently started experimenting with Snapchat at NYC Pride. Airlines like JetBlue are starting to see Snapchat as a more engaging and interesting way of sharing their staple inspirational content with customers. Their use of the platform makes the content seem much more organic and creative. Social media users have been bombarded with inspirational travel content for many years now. Particularly for large brands like airlines, it can come across as insincere and perhaps over promotional. Airlines are using Snapchat to make their communication seem more personal.

Mobile Payments

The mobile payments industry is one that’s growing fast. It offers independent retailers more flexibility and data tracking for their payments than ever before. But as something that’s still a relatively new industry, in which brands still have to convince stores of their product’s benefits, case studies are an incredibly powerful too.

Payments social

Mobile payments companies like Square are using case studies in more subtle ways. Promoting their customers without directly promoting the product or it’s benefits. Square offers free advertising to its customers to promote their businesses and build a sense of community. Mobile payments companies are beginning to see themselves as modern business hubs on social media, providing advice, hardware, inspiration and even funding for businesses.

It’s not just how they post case studies though. Mobile payments brands are using social to gather their case studies as well. Brands like Shopify are using social media to gather user generated content for case studies and rewarding their customers for interacting with them by offering free promotion and advertising of their business. It’s all about building a community and brands in the mobile payments industry are some of the best.

Shopify social

Fast Food

Unbelievably, fast food brands are using social media to make ordering with them even faster! In an industry that’s all about convenience, fast food businesses are using social to allow their customers to order quickly and with as few steps as possible. Not only that, but they’re doing so in some quite ingenious and inspirational ways.

Fast food social

Pizza delivery brand Dominos recently launched their “Anyware” service to allow customers to order through social media just by tweeting them with a pizza emoji. While this might be a little too easy for some, it shows the lengths fast food brands are willing to go to looking to make ordering easier for customers. There’s nothing quicker and more immediate than social media and fast food companies know it.

It’s not just Dominos pushing the boundaries though. Taco Bell has started experimenting with how it can use Snapchat for food ordering. They offered customers the chance to order a new menu item through the platform and collect it from one of their stores. The only catch - customers had to order without even knowing what the new menu item was! These kind of time sensitive, unique and inventive offers suit Snapchat perfectly.

Home Improvements

Some home improvement products can be particularly difficult to promote. They can be uninspiring and not really lend themselves to engaging content. So the onus falls on home improvement brands to develop new and thoughtful ways of interacting with their customers through social media.

Home social

One such example is spray paint brand Krylon. Home improvement brands like Krylon are looking to get beyond just posting decorating and DIY ideas on social media and produce more original content. Krylon decided to demonstrate the creative possibilities of their product via social media. So, they picked up 127 worthless items, just discarded on the street. They then spray painted them and used Shopify to sell them on Pinterest for charity. It’s something that generated a lot of interest and was certainly a unique way of getting their brand values across.

In Summary…

When looking for inspiration on social media, it’s not always the obvious industries that post the most interesting content. Industries that are changing quickly, or face challenges that social can help to solve, are often all the more interesting. The 5 industries in this blog post are definitely ones to keep an eye on.

Which industries have you found with cutting edge social media? Get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter and let us know.

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