Why the Co-Op Re-Brand Is about More Than Just Design

The big news in brand this weekend is about the Co-op’s return to their legacy and iconic clover leaf brand. There’s a debate in the Statement office about whether this is a good move aesthetically or not, but here’s my two pennies' worth.

The move back to their historic identity isn’t just about design - it’s also about communicating a revival of the co-operative way of doing business, putting members at the heart of what they do.

People a little older than me talk fondly about their ‘divvy’ - receiving stamps for their ongoing spend and then using this to redeem against future spending. Over time, the Co-op moved away from this and the retail landscape changed quite dramatically.

Coop Divvy Stamps

The move back to their legacy identity also represents a refocus on their original values, with a greater promotion of their membership scheme which promises a 5% credit of purchases of own-brand goods and services, along with a 1% for members to give to local causes.

What’s the lesson here? It’s a reminder that brands should focus on their core values and differentiating through a genuine unique proposition which connects with the customer. In today’s volatile and ferocious retail sector, this is vital.

Co-op is a treasured British brand and one which has a place in many consumer’s hearts. They’ve been through troubled times recently but seem to be on the right track. I, for one, wish them well.

Image credit: Sludge G CC BY-SA 2.0

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