Which Platforms are Great for Making Video Part of Your Social Media Strategy?

Using video as part of your digital marketing strategy has never been quicker, easier and cheaper.

We all know the power of a good photo when it comes to social media posts, but with smartphone cameras continuing to grow in capability and professional equipment becoming more accessible, now is the time to start diving into video content on social media.

Here are 5 of the most popular ways to make video part of your campaigns:

Facebook VideoFacebook

If you’ve used traditional Facebook ads, video ads on Facebook work in much the same way. You have access to all of the same audience targeting techniques as regular posts, but a good video ad is all the more eye catching. Facebook even tends to give more reach to videos, compared to regular posts.

Facebook of course remains one of the most popular social media platforms and recent changes have made videos significantly less intrusive. Videos now auto play with no audio, so be sure to make them visually engaging and not too long to retain attention.

Research suggests that we much prefer shorter videos and, in fact, videos tend to get the most views when they’re under 30 seconds long.

Finally, don’t forget to add a call to action button to drive viewers through to your social accounts, website or shop.

Instagram VideoInstagram

Facebook’s little cousin has recently increased the maximum length of videos on the platform to 60 seconds, which means the scope and variety of video advertising has greatly increased. As with regular Instagram posts, you can use hashtags to widen your reach, interact with trends, and reach out to your customers both current and potential. You could even take customer interaction a step further and create crowd funded video ads with footage taken by customers of them using your product or service.

Instagram also works well with stop animation videos such as this one from Dunkin Donuts and with instructional videos such as this one from Ben & Jerry’s.

In addition to all of this, you get use of Facebook’s, previously mentioned, excellent targeting features.

Youtube VideoYouTube

With the web’s most famous video platform, comes the possibility for longer videos, but be wary that people often tend to expect greater video quality and higher production values. If YouTube is the right option for you, it may be worth thinking about investing in a camera and lighting equipment.

YouTube is great for creating instructional videos, product advice and reviews to connect with existing customers and improve their user experience. This is also great for exposing potential new customers to how your product or service works.

There’s also a vast community of YouTube stars and vloggers just waiting to be tapped into. Having your product featured by a popular YouTuber or involving them in your ad campaign can draw their huge collections of fans and followers towards your business.

YouTube videos can then be embedded into to websites as promotional videos, added to social media posts or used to build up an audience for your YouTube channel.


Short form video apps such as Vine make great accompaniments to social media posts. They can be used instead of images to make posts stand out and be more visually interesting.

Of all the platforms on this list, they are probably the easiest to use, very quick and easy to do with a smartphone and very little equipment. However, that’s not to say you are limited in what you can achieve with short form videos; far from it, there are plenty of imaginative and engaging Vine campaigns out there. Campaigns like this, if done well, are great for humanising your business and making you seem more approachable.

Coca-Cola’s campaign from last winter featuring Vine stars Lucas & Marcus is simple yet effective. It grabs attention but is something anyone could replicate with limited equipment.

Snapchat VideoSnapchat

Very much still an emerging platform for digital marketing, Snapchat offers the ability to send personalised and time limited images and videos. Whilst Snapchat’s audience leans heavily towards millennials, if this matches your target market, Snapchat could well prove to be very useful.

The fact that ads can be sent only to followers and for very specific times, could help create a feeling of discovery and exclusivity. There are already plenty of brands using Snapchat to great effect.

In Summary…

Using video is a great way to enrich your social media campaigns and make them engaging, entertaining and visually stunning. The best part is that there are now options to suit all budgets and skill levels. From short, 15 second DIY clips and animations, right the way though to professionally produced content. There’s never been a better time to use video as part of your social media strategy.

Have you started using video in your social media campaigns? Get in touch with us on Twitter @Statement and share your experience with us.

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