How Will You Resource Your Digital Marketing: In-House or Agency Partnership?

When it comes to planning and implementing a marketing strategy for your business, we understand that one of the main reasons why plans are often put on the back burner is a lack of time and resources. In order to put your ideas into action, you’ll need to consider whether you manage your digital marketing strategy in-house or find support outside of your business from an agency.

Pros of In-House Marketing

  1. The first thing many business owners think of when looking to launch a new marketing campaign is how you will monitor progress and quality. When all of your marketing is kept in-house, if you’re not entirely happy with something, all you need to do is walk over to your marketing team and have a chat, whereas communication with an outside team may not be as instant or as casual. owever, a good agency will always make sure that communication is clear, transparent and frequent.

  2. When you employ a marketing team in-house, or you assign new tasks to existing members of your team, you have the assurance that they will already know your brand well and will be able to communicate your company culture and values through the content they produce without hesitation.

  3. If you already have an existing marketing team in-house, and are considering a low level campaign to sit alongside your current activity, then assigning these tasks to your current staff may be a more cost effective option if the additional activity wouldn’t take up a large percentage of their time. However, you may run into problems when you want to scale your marketing up - other aspects of your strategy may slip or you may need to invest in more members of staff to cover additional activity, which can quickly become less cost-effective.

Cons of In-House Marketing

  1. If your marketing team are mostly experienced in more traditional, offline forms of marketing, and youre looking to expand your online presence and put a focus on digital marketing, then you could run into problems with a lack of expertise if you choose to keep activity entirely in-house, as not all practices used in offline marketing can be successfully transferred to digital.

    While your existing team may be able to efficiently take care of some aspects of your activity, they might not be able to glean the return on investment you were hoping for in areas that require more in depth expertise and analysis, such as digital advertising.

  2. If you don’t already have a marketing team in-house, and would need to set up an entirely new team, this can become very expensive and can significantly increase the amount of money spent on wages (which could be put into your marketing budget instead!).

  3. If you keep all of your marketing in-house, when you decide you want to scale up your activity later down the line, this can be difficult if your team find that they don’t have the time to increase their workload. As previously mentioned, in order to increase your activity, you may find that you have to hire new members of staff in order to cover all the tasks you have planned, which can cause similar financial difficulties to setting a marketing team up from scratch.

Pros of Outsourcing to an Agency

  1. If you don’t already have a dedicated marketing team in-house, outsourcing your marketing strategy to an agency will free up time for you to focus on business operations and nurturing new leads.

    Allocating marketing tasks to an agency who send you regular updates on progress will allow you to have visibility over activity whilst not having to worry about finding the time to produce content yourself, or manage another in-house team.

  2. Finding an agency to outsource your marketing to will also mean that you can benefit from experts working on your activity. Whether you focus on outsourcing your digital activity to a specialist agency to fill the gaps in your team, or you outsource both your online and offline activity, you should have the assurance that your brand is in experienced and capable hands.

    Outsourcing also means that you can reap the benefits of an experienced marketing team, without having to hire someone with a wealth of marketing experience, making outsourced activity more cost effective.

  3. If you do decide to increase your marketing activity, partnering with an agency to take care of the management and production of your content allows plenty of room for expansion. For example, if you start out using social media and email marketing, but later on see the benefit of content marketing and digital advertising, an agency will have the time and capacity to be able to easily scale up your activity without the problems you could face in-house.

Cons of Outsourcing to an Agency

  1. When choosing to outsource your marketing to an agency, understandably, there is often a worry that they won’t be the right fit for your business. Hiring a marketer who knows your brand inside out, and understands how your business operates is vital in ensuring that your efforts are successful - so choosing an agency whose team welcomes meetings with you to discuss your thoughts and is eager to learn about your business is key.

  2. Even if they do provide the service, not all agencies specialise in the areas of marketing you might want to include in your strategy. For example, if you are looking to run a Google AdWords campaign, it’s important that you choose an agency that has an AdWords specialist as they would be able to manage much more effective campaigns than agencies who don’t work with an expert.

  3. If you have a particularly low marketing budget to work with, hiring an agency may not be the most effective use of your money since you would need to pay both the agency for their time, and the money required to run your campaigns (budget for boosting social posts, or to run a digital advertising campaign, for example). While most agencies will have different levels of pricing to suit a range of budgets, if your monthly budget is particularly low, you’ll need to make sure that the agency can bring in a strong return on your investment.

In Summary

Choosing how to resource your marketing is an important decision, and one that can be difficult to make. While building a full marketing team in house is expensive and time consuming to, this can give you full control and visibility over all marketing activity; however, if you want to reap the benefits of working with experts, while having the ability to scale your activity up and down as needed, partnering with an agency can offer you these benefits.

If you’d like to learn more about how outsourcing your marketing to an agency can benefit your business, don’t hesitate to tweet us @Statement or get in touch, and we’ll be more than happy to talk to you.

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