DPD Launches “Your DPD” Geo-Location Delivery App

Of all the major parcel carriers, DPD seems the most invested in bringing new technologies to the marketplace and using these to improve user experience. That continues with the launch of their new “Your DPD” app for iOS and Android.

Other delivery companies offer apps, but “Your DPD” is the first to use geo-location data to notify your delivery driver when you return home. Drivers can then attempt another delivery on the same day, rather than returning the next day to be faced with the exact same situation.

On opening, the app asks you for your personal details and address, with a pretty robust verification process to ensure that your data is secure. All of the deliveries on DPD’s system containing your address are then accessible via your phone.

Once you’ve entered your details, the app allows you to specify a safe place on your property, accompanied by a photograph, for the driver to leave your package. Failing that, you’re offered the option to deliver to a neighbour or to a local shop. It seems that DPD intends to use the app to completely eliminate repeat deliveries among its users. The app even lets you specify a preferred time of delivery - between 9:30am and 2:30pm - avoiding rush hour and the school run. DPD intends to build on this later on in the year by introducing “DPD Precise” 1 hour delivery slots.

With the introduction of services like Amazon Prime Now, the delivery landscape and consumer expectations continue to change at a rapid pace. Increased emphasis on convenience and personalisation means delivery companies are being forced to innovate and integrate technology into their services more and more. But does this cause a strain on logistics, staff and smaller companies? This year has seen some significant changes to the delivery industry and it will certainly be interesting to see where things go from here.

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