4 Shopify Apps to Help You Manage Social Media Effectively

When running a thriving eCommerce store, you’ll often find yourself strapped for time, and putting your social media streams to the back of the queue as an easy way to give yourself some room to breathe. Using this list of Shopify apps, you can automate your social media to give you back both the benefits that digital marketing provides, and the time to run your bustling business.


Price: Custom

If you’re running the kind of store that is always getting in new products for the upcoming season, or just feel like you don’t promote your products enough, Outfy is an essential app for showcasing your collection to the world.


The app brings together all of your social media accounts and allows you to easily push posts when you create new products in Shopify, begin offering discounts or have a planned campaign you’re ready to push. Outfy also gives you a ranked list of the products in your store in order of popularity, to see which products are performing well on social, and others which aren't doing as well.

Social Autopilot

Price: Free

Social Autopilot allows your company to be awake at all times. Using a randomiser, the app automatically sends out tweets at selected intervals throughout the day, using content you've already written. This means that you don't have to be always on hand to write and publish tweets, but makes sure the content doesn't get repetitive and stale.

Social Autopilot also uses a templating system that lets you tweet out different variations of the same promotion. For example, a new arrival might spark a tweet that looks like this:

We just released our latest product, the Super Product 2000! What do you think of it? http://linkurl.com

But the next time it's promoted, it'll look a little different.

Good News! We now carry the Super Product 2000. We just got them and they're going fast. http://linkurl.com


Price - Free to $14.99/month

As we mention time and time again on the Statement blog, customer reviews are a fantastic all-round digital marketing method. Kudobuzz takes the reviewing process to the next level. Included with the app is an after-purchase email feature, from which you can specify a time that the app should wait before sending out an email to a customer asking for their feedback. The customer can then review their experience from within the email itself.


Kudobuzz also includes a social media import feature, which gives you the power to import Facebook reviews and showcase them anywhere on your Shopify store, including within a dedicated slider, or as a simple and clean tab on each product page.


Price: Free to $79.00/month

TagTray is a fantastic way of using customer interaction to help showcase, and therefore sell, through your Shopify store. The app automatically creates image galleries that you can place anywhere on your site, all by utilising hashtags.

Instead of using the traditional iframe method, TagTray galleries are seamlessly integrated into your store, giving you full customisation over how the widget looks and interacts with the content around it. You're also not just limited to images already existent on social, as the app supports manual image uploads, meaning that you can grab engagement right from your store.

Regain Control of Your Social Media

Utilising these Shopify apps should help you to quickly regain control of the hectic world that is social media. If you need additional help with your eCommerce store and/or your digital marketing strategy, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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