Thursday 19th May 2016

3 Essential Shopify Apps for Improving Customer Service

Joe Callon

We’re living in the era of conversational commerce. This means that customers expect a one-on-one conversation with your brand, whether that’s through live chat or social media, giving them a highly personalised experience. Customers want fast, accurate responses without having to go out of their way to voice their concerns.

It’s time to step up your customer service game, and bring conversation to the forefront of your strategy, all of which you can do using this list of brilliant Shopify apps.

Quick Facebook Live Chat

Price: Free

Shopify recently announced the launch of their integration with Facebook’s Messenger platform, a move which takes advantage of the most widely used social network in the world. The integration is currently only available to retailers based in the US, but for those elsewhere, Quick Facebook Live Chat is a useful alternative.

Quick Facebook Live Chat

The app gives you a great-looking, easy to use dashboard inside your Shopify admin which allows you to reply to all of your Messenger enquiries directly, also allowing you to add notes and tags to users to indicate certain requirements. Quick Facebook Live Chat also gives you insight into the loyalty of the user you’re currently in a conversation with, allowing you to see how long they've liked your page and where they live.

Using Messenger as your support platform is a fantastic way to bring your customers closer to your brand, and also gives you a robust, versatile platform from which to converse with your customers.


Price: Free

Everyone makes mistakes, including your customers, so it’s important to give them a chance to rectify them. Orderify! allows your customers to easily edit orders placed with you, including changing the shipping address or payment method. Customers can even add additional items to their order, in case they forgot to add that bag they need for their new camera.


Consumers are often skeptical (and even flaky) so sadly they may also need to cancel an order with you. Orderify! gives them a simple one-click process for cancelling, with refunds automatically being managed by the app.

Product Return Manager

Price: $19.99 (~£14)/month, 3 month free trial

At some point (or, more likely, many points) when growing your eCommerce brand, you’re going to find that a customer wants to return an item after finding out it’s not quite right for them. It's important to make the returns process as seamless for the customer as possible, as a positive experience could be the catalyst that fuels an unhappy customer to change their perspective of you as a brand and come back to you at a later date.

Product Return Manager

Using Product Return Manager, you can see all of your incoming returns requests from a simple dashboard, as well as each customer’s eligibility for a full, partial or no refund. The app also includes an option for customers to include files with their return request, meaning they can easily point out a manufacturing error or sizing difference.

Converse and Co-operate

In summary, it’s essential as part of the current commerce world that you converse and co-operate with your customers, ensuring the best possible experience with your company. If you use any other Shopify apps that you feel are essential to providing a great shopping experience, let us know on Twitter @Statement.

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