How to Prepare Your Online Store for Mother’s Day

Whilst Mother’s Day has never been quite as commercially-focused as Christmas or even Valentine’s Day, there is still a huge market of gift-buyers for this special occasion. With the amount of potential customers looking for thoughtful gifts for their mothers and other female family members, you need to make sure that your online store is ready to attract and convert this audience to become customers.

Independent Retail

Many people want to give a unique gift when buying presents for their loved ones. This is a great opportunity for independent retailers who don’t necessarily stock merchandise from the latest ‘chick flick’ blockbuster or stock huge bouquets of flowers and chocolates.

Instead, many shoppers are looking for handmade jewellery, household ornaments or intricate greetings cards. The trouble that we’ve had in the past is that it can be hard to find and travel to those independent retail shops that are usually on side streets or in small villages.


But now we can find them online and buy this type of more personal and thoughtful gift with ease.

To read more about the rise of the independent retailer, Simply Business has a really insightful article on the success of the smaller shops.

Key Takeaway: If you sell unique gifts that can’t be found on the high street, make sure you make your customers aware of them online during this critical period.

Moving Away from Traditional Gifts

A similar point to the above is that many gift-buyers are not only looking for the traditional gifts (chocolates, flowers, jewellery) but are also looking for more general interest items that they know their mother will appreciate. This could span from cooking utensils to a holiday to a good book. It’s common for shoppers to look for ‘top 10' lists of Mother’s Day gifts for that extra inspiration.

The whole gift-buying experience has started to change. Whilst occasion-specific gifts will always have their place, the majority of shoppers will just want to buy something for their mothers so that they know how much they mean to them - the nature of the present itself will vary significantly. 

Key Takeaway: Don’t just promote your traditional gifts in your marketing - instead, promote the feeling that you want your customers to have when they give a gift. They will then usually decide on the specific gift for themselves.

Digital Gifts and Sentiments

The arrival of new digital technologies has also changed our gift-buying experience. 46% of UK shoppers now substitute a greeting card for a Facebook message or a text.

The challenge here is encouraging these people to make a purchase via a free, digital alternative.

There are two approaches that businesses can take. The first is to really sell the benefits of giving a gift to a loved one in your marketing campaigns. If you prefer this strategy, you have to work hard to enchant your potential customers and get them excited about the gift-giving joy they’re likely to experience. Whether it’s through video, social content or email - it’s all about selling the emotions, not the products.

Mother's Phone

The other approach is to embrace that the fact that there’s a certain group of people who will always prefer to digitally tell their mother they love them. But this is also an opportunity, as this audience is more likely to share your social posts and share your content if it spreads the love and joy of Mother’s Day.

It can be easy to get into the mindset that people are caring less about Mother’s Day each year because they might not be spending as much, but this is not the case - they’re just sharing their appreciation in different ways, such as digitally. And any sharing of your content will spread the reach of your brand - which can still be very valuable once Mother’s Day is over.

Key Takeaway: Whether you’re going to convert your ‘digital-first’ customers or use them to share your social content and brand, make sure you have a clear strategy to engage with them. 

Get Your Customers Excited

Let’s face it - we seem to have more and more excuses for buying people close to us gifts. Christmas, Valentine’s, Birthdays, Easter, New Year, Father’s Day, Grandparents’ Day etc.

For this reason, it can be easy for your customers to get bored (and sometimes even annoyed) at the fact that it’s expected of them to buy ‘yet another gift’. 


A very effective way of increasing your online sales is to get customers excited. The online world is a very effective environment for doing this because if you begin to excite them via social or email marketing, they have the opportunity to buy the gift there and then in that moment of excitement. All they have to do is visit your site and checkout.

This can be hard to emulate if you’re promoting your products online but you have to wait until your customers visit your high street store - a long time in which the excitement to be lost.

Key Takeaway: Use your digital marketing assets to encourage your customers to fall in love with gift-giving and then make it as easy as possible for them to buy the gift there and then.

How to Take Advantage of Mother's Day

There are going to be some businesses who won’t take advantage of Mother’s Day for obvious reasons - it’s not appropriate for every brand. But for those that can, the occasion can be a lucrative opportunity. If you help a customer during an emotionally-charged time (such as when they’re buying a gift for their mother), it’s more likely that they’re going to stay loyal to your brand once this connection is made.

If you need some help figuring out your marketing strategy for Mother’s Day, don’t hesitate to tweet us at @Statement or simply get in touch

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