Sharing Your Content: Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet Using Digital Marketing

Does your company have a blog or news section? If you regularly write guides, blog posts and other news items, do many people read it?

How often do you write a piece of content and find yourself disappointed to see a view count in the single figures?

Many brands don’t have a huge following on social or large email lists and so when they publish a new blog post, it doesn’t get the recognition it probably deserves. So how can you make sure that your content is seen by a larger number of people?

The key to widening the reach of your content is to get people to share it. But more importantly than that, it’s getting the right people to share it.

Blogging (and also vlogging) has become very popular over the past few years – so much so that some bloggers have become mini-celebrities. They have intensely loyal audiences that read whatever they write, share whatever they tweet and watch everything on their YouTube account.

Getting these bloggers to share your content can be a powerful way of getting their audience to read it. The only thing to bare in mind is to make sure these bloggers are relevant to your industry. Don’t ask a beauty blogger to share your content piece on construction boots (unless there’s a good reason).

A good example is if you were a children’s fashion retailer and created a guide for family attractions in the UK. Sharing this guide with ‘mummy bloggers’ will get your brand out there to a large audience.

But your influencers don’t necessarily need to be bloggers – there are many influencers in your field who will have audiences on social media. Speakers, authors, TV stars, CEOs etc. will all be able to share your content to their audience.

The best thing about this – there is usually no additional cost. Unless they’re a very famous blogger or influencer, they will usually not ask for any sponsorship fees.

Daily Tip

To find out more about the best practices for approaching these influencers, watch this great video. If you have any questions about finding influencers, send us a tweet at @Statement.

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